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Once upon a time, there was a lonely reviewer named Tyger. Tyger was an adventurer and a scribe. she loved to explore, though not what brave knights explored, or sailors on the sea. No, Tyger explored her body and the playthings that would give her the most pleasure. She was on a quest to find the perfect plaything for her clit.

One day, a parcel appeared upon her doorstep. The parcel was from a place that she knew well and knew that some more adventures lay at her feet. Grabbing the parcel, Tyger ran to her room, tearing the parcel open as she went. When she reached the bedroom, there were 2 items in the box. The one that grabbed her attention was a book. A book? What were the people from this place thinking?

Tyger slowly opened the "book" titled Swans and Angels, Inside the book was a fun looking item. It was a controller and a jelly coated pink egg with a pink bird gracing the top of the egg. Though the bird didn't look like a swan, she was still intrigued by the design.

"This item looks magical", Tyger thought. Reading the back of the book, which was actually the box this bird gift came in, Tyger discovered 2 other things, one, the toy is splashproof, meaning you could use it in the shower, but don't submerge it, and two, that this toy's magic comes from 3 AAA batteries that she had a stash of.

Unscrewing the bottom the bottom of the controller, she slid out the removable battery container, inserted the batteries, careful to put the container back in the correct way so the batteries that would work their magic in the toy properly.

Tyger lovingly bathed the bird and its egg with warm water and soap, patting it dry oh so carefully.

There are 3 buttons on the controller, however, upon trial, Tyger discovered that the round button at the top and the button right below it worked, but not the one on the bottom worked. The round button turned the power on to the delightful egg, and the arrow like button right below it worked the different vibe patterns.

Tyger prepared for her adventure by laying down and starting to slowly making the bird flutter around her clit and labia. The bird was pretty quiet, which made her happy. Tyger loved the feel of the strong vibes. She's a picky one when it comes to vibes! She wants them strong and quiet. The wings felt really good and the beak of the bird allowed more direct stimulation that Tyger craved.

She wanted to take her time, enjoying the bird's different vibe patterns, but really enjoying the really strong and steady one the most.

Slowly, she teased and buzzed herself all over, and built up her excitement enough to have a pretty powerful clitoral orgasm.

Tyger had found that her dream of a perfect clit stimulator had been fulfilled.

The End.

On a personal note, I loved this toy! It's great, and has just the vibes Iook for in a clit stimulator. I loved the box it came in, pink and white, and looked like a book, which makes it a neat gift idea for a bridal party or bachelorette party. Whimsical and functional.

The button on the bottom didn't feel as though anything was behind it, so it's probably a design flaw, trying to make the item more balanced looking. But I was still very happy with the results.

It's cute, easy to use, and it works! What could be better?

I give this item 4 Tyger Paws waaaay up in the air!



I contacted Cheyene about the button that didn't work. She will be sending me a new item to try since it seemed to be a defective button. However, the parts that did work, worked like a fairy tale!!! And I buzzed happily ever after!!! ;)

**Edit part 2:

I'm happy to report that I got a replacement toy, and all of the buttons did work, and they worked well!! This toy is fantastic!!

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What a great, creative and fun review this is. I congratulate you on your style and creative use of words. If I never get to try out this toy the review it self will keep me satisfied.

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Thank you. :)

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