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This review assumes the use of this toy for those with vaginas and accompanying parts.

Starting out on a fun note, the Climax Kiss sort of looks like a duck from the bullet up. I found that amusing, even though I didn’t even notice it until I was washing it afterwards. TooTimid sent it in a standard brown shipping envelop, absolutely discrete as always.

The toy comes in a super easy to open box – it quite literally just tugs apart with no pesky cellophane or staples – but at the same time, the toy didn’t fall out at all during the shipping and the box was completely closed when I got it, so they worked that out really well.

The toy itself is a beautiful deep purple color in the base, then a lighter transluscent purple in the top, which actually makes it matches my other gspot toy; however, my other toy didn’t have the clit stimulation that this toy has.

This is, of course, a jelly toy (or gel toy or whatever you want to call it; it’s not solid smooth plastic, but it has quite a bit of give while still providing stimulation). I actually don’t always like jelly toys personally because I’ve tried a few butt plugs which just pop out easy as pie, but this one stays where it’s supposed to go – and very well so, I might add. It's also waterproof, which is great!

The toy has a small shelf-like area attached to the gspot stimulator and little nubs for your clit and surrounding area (which I found fantastic, because I think it’s important not to just stimulate a small bit of your clit anyway, since it extends under the labia for a ways). The nubs weren’t easy to feel, but they definitely offer great stimulation, as well.

Obviously, this one will require lube, given the material. I personally used Liquid Silk, but I imagine pretty much any of your favorite water-based would work fine on it – but of course make sure you wash it afterwards and store it somewhere safe so it doesn’t deteriorate.

I only have a couple of complaints about this toy, and they’re really just personal preferences. A little bit of air got stuck in the jelly where it attaches to the bullet but that’s pretty normal for a jelly toy, but the bullet isn’t detachable, so you can’t squeeze it out. Basically, just don’t look at it if that bugs you.

Also, this toy requires triple a batteries, unlike most toys which take double a, so I had to make a trip to the store. Also, please be careful when screwing on the batteries because if you screw it too far, it’ll get unaligned and pop off. That was definitely a thing I did, since I like to make sure that the batteries aren’t going to just slide out mid-fun. Also probably a thing to keep in mind while playing with it. It’s hard to get back aligned, too.

As for the vibration, it’s not extraordinarily strong like a bare bullet, but it’s surprisingly good for a jelly toy. For me personally, it worked really quickly given then double stimulation of gspot and clit. And in case you’re wondering about it, my gspot is actually in a less common spot, a little hooked upwards, and this hit it just fine unlike other toys I’ve tried in the past.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d probably give it an 8.5 – and the only downsides for me were the battery type and the way that the battery pack fit on.

If you're not sure if you like just gspot stimulation, but you're positive that you love clit stimulation, I would absolutely recommend that you try it out!

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My Review:

G is for Gratification

Review: The toy design is unique and I was not sure what to expect. I have never used a toy to stimulate my G-Spot before and I am glad I bought this toy. This toy did what it described it would do for me, hitting the right spots. The soft design was just right for my clit, giving an long, intense orgasm. Experiment with the toy, moving it around, stimulating your clit and G-spot. You WILL enjoy this toy!

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