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All Girls Love Flowers!

Lilies are my favorite flowers - not calla lilies but stargazers - but this toy is my favorite "flower named toy" by a long shot! I had seen this toy at an adult convention not too long back but had never tried it. When I saw it my first thoughts were: no rotating head is going to give me the G-Spot stimulation that I want or need. Traditionally, for me. for a toy to give me G-spot pleasure it has to be rigid and barely bendable, so I highly doubted that this toy would be able to deliver. That was before I saw the double tipped curved G-Spot head - or, rather, felt it!

This toy has all the makings of a great dual action even without the G-Spot. It has a clitoral stimulator with an extra little appendage on the end, multi-function pulsation and rotation, a rotating and vibrating head, easy to use controllers that help you find your sweet spot AND it is waterproof to boot!

I was super excited to try this toy out so I made sure I had all the private time I needed. I settled in to play after inserting the 3AA batteries into the base. Make sure you look at how they are to be inserted, though, as I put one in wrong and it would not start. Imagine my disappointment at that moment! So, once the battery crisis was averted, I began to play. I simply inserted the toy easily - the curved head and the smooth material made this go in super nicely. I started pushing buttons on the base to find a good vibration level for me. I noticed right away that the clitoral stimulator was AMAZING with the extra little nubbie. I was ready to cum very quickly!

Then, much to my surprise, I started to feel the tip of this toy hitting my G-Spot. I had to move it back and angle it a bit, but once I found the spot the extra stimulation tip really started getting me going. I bent the toy as far as I could to get some clitoral stimulation and just barely got it. However, the internal stimulation was amazing! I felt my G-Spot orgasm building and building and then finally I clenched down on the toy and exploded! It was amazing. I had to take the toy out I was so sensitive (in a good way!).

While I do wish the shaft of this toy was a little shorter to reach my G-spot easier with clitoral stimulation, the fact that the rotating head of this toy really does stimulate the G-spot made up for it! I would recommend this item to anyone who wants a quality dual action experience AND would like to try for some G-Spot stimulation! It was pretty amazing for me!

So, why not buy your woman the only flower she needs and bring her home a Calla Lily!


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