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Anyone who is familiar with me knows that I am an anal plug enthusiast. I can't help it, I just love them and don't think I will ever complete my ever growing collection. So it says something when I say that this plug is one of my dreams come true. It's some of my absolute favorite features in a quality anal plug.

Let's break it down nice and simple.

PROS: This plug is 100% Silicone. This is my favorite toy material, besides glass, because it is extremely sanitary, safe, easy to clean, and COMFORTABLE. The flare on this plug is very nice, it has a subtle build up, so it isn't a very blunt extreme increase in size towards the flare, but the handle has a narrow enough base that this plugs stays in really well. I commonly have the problem of anal plugs falling out easily because the flare isn't wide enough, and nothing drives me nuts more than the feeling of a slipping anal plug. Add in the fact that this plug is a gorgeous purple with a slightly glittery finish, and this plug has simply won me over. The base itself was extremely comfortable. I could easily wear this plug around for daily wear when in the mood.

CONS: None! I highly recommend this anal plug to anyone looking for a good quality anal plug!

I did get the large size, in regards to this plug, and let me just say, I am an anal plug veteran and this plug is NOT small! For me, it was absolutely perfect, but to give a perspective for the large size, the flare on this plug is about the width of the inside of a toilet paper roll. I found this out because, after wearing this plug for awhile and removing and cleaning it, I let it on the edge of my bathroom sink to air dry. I heard my husband laughing hysterically from the bathroom later that night and came in to see he had stuck my plug on the side of the sink and put a roll of toiler paper on it. It was a perfect fit. So good news! Even if the large plug doesn't suit your fancy, you have a gorgeous new toilet paper holder!

For newbies to anal play, I would strongly recommend the smaller size of this plug. For experienced players though, or anyone who enjoys larger anal toys, you won't be disappointed in this plug in the least, though I still advise having lots of 'prep' before inserting this toy. Aka- Lube is your friend, as with any types of anal play. You can never have too much, but easily not enough, so don't be afraid to go overboard. Also, warming up with a finger or two to help relax a bit first always helps when choosing to incorporate anal toys, especially larger ones. Overall though, if I could give this toy 10 stars instead of 5, I would without any hesitation. This plug is officially my favorite one.

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I, too, am an anal plug enthusiast! Thanks for the review!

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