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I'm medicated and I'm noticing that my orgasmns are being held back a little bit each time I'm masturbating and it's really frustrating me sometimes. There's other times when I'm close to my period I'm not sexually aroused at all and I won't even be able to get off at all. Is this normal at all? Anytime I'm close to my period I won't want to mess around with myself around with myself at all. I'll want to mess around but I'll be way too moody to even want to even do anything. Guess I just want to know if this is normal from a woman's perspective. Both things are bothering me right now and I really need some advice. What should I do? Do you have any advice for me. Thanks! :)

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Depending on the medication it can have large effects on sexual desire, libedo, and the ability to achieve orgasm. Sometimes it is a dosage matter and by taking the dosage done a notch there will be a more desired sexual response. Other times it is the medication itself. For example: may people find a loss of desire on an SSRI (treatment of some depressive states) and have much difficulties with sexuality while taking the drug. Statins have some effects on some people as well. As well, there are many other drugs that can effect sex. You may also be having a correlative experience with medication and your cycle. This is not unheard of. For some women there is a delicate balance with medications and their cycle. The have a drop of desire and arousal is a known side effect for some drugs. Not knowing what you are taking, I would suggest having an open discussion with your Dr. about what you are experiencing. There may be a better medication or dosage for you. Best of all to you. I hope you are able to find the balance you desire between your sexual desire and your medication.

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