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50 Shades Something Forbidden Butt Plug


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Something Forbidden My Ass - This Plug Is Fabulous!

This little perfect anal plug straight from the new 50 Shades line of sexy products is a one-size fits ALL plug that must be in everybody's toy arsenal! This little plug is truly perfect for first time anal players. The 100% smooth silicone material, small, tapered end, slightly larger middle and flexible nature make this an easily insertable anal apparatus! Plus, the retrieval ring makes insertion, play and retrieval easy and safe.

When I played with this toy I was lucky enough to have a partner insert it for me - and let me tell you - I barely felt it! I would put it on par with a silky finger as to size and sensation. Who doesn't like a little finger up the butt action? It took only a small amount of lube (no silicone lube, please) and it slid right in. The bulbous center made it stay securely as well. So, when it came time for oral sex and regular sex, I felt like I had just enough extra stimulation to kick my orgasms into overdrive!

I highly recommend this plug for any player, male or female. It really is the one-stop-shop for gentle easy anal play!


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