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Wet WOW Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel


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Wow! Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel

I have always loved the Wet brand. It was the first brand I ever used for anything (their warming lube), and have always been drawn to that brand.

So, when I got this lovely .5 fl oz tube of Max O clit stimulating gel, I was super stoked!

The box is very pretty with black, gold, and red on it. A bit more on the "classy" side of packaging.

There are several key points to this gel:

It's water AND silicone based. So, do NOT use with any silicone toys (or latex condoms). It also said that if you're prone to skin sensitivities, do not use this product, nor as a personal lubricant. This gel is ONLY for outer use only! And trust me, you will understand why when you use it.

The tube is sealed for safety, and there's an expiration date on the box too.  The tube is black with gold lettering. Opening it up, I always like to smell the items I use (let's face it, if it smells gross, you usually don't want to use it-sound advice for pretty much everything in life!! LOL). It smells peppermint-y.  Squeezing just a tad, it's a clear gel, that it pretty thin, so a little squeeze goes a long way. No dyes means little to no chance of staining either.

We both wanted to use it this night, so, I put some on, then put some on my lover too. I felt a nice warming sensation on my clit and where I had put it. I really loved the feeling. It was ALMOST too intense for me, but didn't go overboard. My GF, however, did not like how it felt. The gel worked for me very well, and loved the stimulation it gave me. My GF used a wipe to get it off, and it came off rather well. So, clean up was easy. 

I'm the type of gal that loves strong clit stimulation. So, I loved this item!!!! My GF is the type that prefers a bit more gentle stimulation on her clit, so she didn't.

I give this gel 4 Tyger Paw rating (out of 4).

Go For The Max O!

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Thank you Tyger, Im putting this on my list of potential possibilities to buy.....I’m always hesitant because I’ve always been disappointed in the clitoral, heating or cooling gels/creams.  They never work the way they say.  Would like to find a few that actually work.  I’ve only found one heating gel that actually worked but it was for about 20 seconds of heat then nothing.

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