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Since my divorce i have met some amazing like minded people who enjoy the things i get into. That said i met and have been dating this lady who is 20 years younger than me for 7 months now. Everything is fantastic in and out of the bedroom. She knows and approves that i'm Bi and love pleasing my buddy orally. One night last month we were sitting around enjoying a beverage when she admitted that she wanted to join a swingers group. Thanks to this site we found a couple who replied back to us so we set up a meeting and things went really fast after that. They invited us over to their for the following weekend, they have a very secluded home in the woods and it could not have been better. Once we arrived we exchanged our greetings and then I'll call him Tim said its time for us to chat and his wife took my girlfriend to the other end of the house where they discussed the ground rules. The only rule that was enforced really was no one fucks anyone with all parties knowing what and who they are with, and the 2nd most important rule is joining them we had to promise not to mess with anyone one outside our group of friends. Nobody wants any bugs!!!!! His wife was having the same conversation with my girlfriend. Upon returning to the living room, the ladies soon arrived and she was smiling ear to ear. It seems everyone agreed with their terms and the party started. These people must make alot of money as they had a gorgeous house and lots of land and they weren't stuck up like most wealthy people. Tim is 55 6'2 at around 225lbs, I will call her lucy, she is very petite at 110 lbs and her beauty is stunning for a 55 year old woman. We all sat around joking and drinking after Lucy and Tim made a crazy ass supper which was awesome. After the ladies cleaned the kitchen, Tim and I took a tour of his awesome garage and all his toys as the wife showed her around the house. Upon returning, we all sat there and as if right on cue Tim said Hot tub time, but Tim said no clothes allowed, it fucks up his filters. He and Lucy got naked and said are you guys coming in? Seeing his wife made me hard and my girlfriend said what the fuck did we get ourselves into, this is so awesome, she whispered i am soaking wet right now. She said you wont be jealous if i want to fuck him, i said no as long as you are cool with me banging her. We agreed that we were going to go through with this, so we stripped down and i couldn't hide my semi hard cock. I reached over and fingered her pussy and i confirmed she was indeed wet as a swamp. They have a huge 12 person hot tub so we climbed in and holy shit the water was so soft and just the right temp. We drank and was having really good conversation when out of know where things started to happen, Tim got up and set on the side of the hot tub with a huge hard cock and said who's going to start this party? To my surprise my girlfriend positioned here self to blow his cock, she swallowed his whole cock and i have never seen her go crazy like she did. By now i was rock hard and Lucy was eager and willing to swallow my cock. Before long we found ourselves so fucking horny that Tim said that's it we are going in side.  Still naked and we didnt dry off Tim layed her on the air mattress they had already made up and he started eating her pussy, Lucy had a super wet pussy and i couldn't wait to taste her.  And before i knew it his big 8.5 inch thick cock was sliding in and out of her as she let out a moan i had never heard. Me i'm only 7 inches long and alittle skinny compared to Tim, all i know is i wanted to sink my cock into Lucy. Her pussy was surprisingly tight for a 55 year old women and i fucked her like a store bought whore. Tim and i shot our loads and filled them with our cum, once everyone was recuperating, Tim made a new batch of drinks, and instead of being done Lucy smiled and said the party was just getting started. Tim said did you guys bring an overnight bag? Yes i said, so he said go get it! I started  to get dressed when he said Jesus Christ no one is going to see you, get your bag, so i walked out of the house into the drive way and got our things.   These people love to be naked and rightfully so, they have the bodies that anyone would like looking at. After an hour or so we got all horned up again and this time we switched partners 3 or 4 times before once again filling them with our cream. This Tim guy likes to tease and make thing last, so our 2nd adventure lasted almost 2 hours. Long story short, we all slept in the same bed all night and after being somewhat drunk, Tim was fucking both women. Fuck me i said to myself, this guy is a powerhouse. 

Last week i got a call that my girlfriend was keeping to the rules and said she was going to visit Tim that afternoon, she came home totally destroyed and cum soaked, me i have had multiple encounters with Lucy and she is awesome to say the least, this women loves cum and she loves being throat fucked. Bottom line people, there is a God.       

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