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Ever feel like you'd like to just mark your lover? Just want to have some fun in the bedroom, and want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well have I found the perfect addition to your fun adult box!  Play Pens !!!

Chocolate Edible Play Pens

This set comes in a set of 2: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I prefer the milk chocolate one myself. You can tell pen is which because of the labels. Yes, they're written on, but also the milk chocolate label is a little lighter than the dark chocolate's label.

Ingredients are: Glucose Syrup, Water, Sugar, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Artificial Flavor, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Artificial Colors: Caramel. There's even a Nutrition Facts box on the back. Beware anyone that has diabetes or issues with their sugar counts: each serving of the pens (says that there's 2 servings per marker) has 23g of sugar (and 27g carbs for those watching their carb intake).

The pens are thick and look like really large bullets. Each has a screw-on cap. Very easy to take off and put back on. They have small tips, so to help control the output, however, one of my pen's tips fell off. Beware of this because this edible "ink" is very runny. So the "ink" spreads easily. Smells pretty good and like chocolate, tastes like it too, and, I didn't notice a bad after-taste to it either. The containers are smooth, and can get rather slick if you're a messy, um, painter. 

We had laid towels down to prevent any possible staining, and they were dark, so I'm not very sure about staining. I was very thorough in licking all of the "ink" off, and there was only a slight stickiness left on my lover's skin, but no staining.

These were a lot of fun, and we had a blast drawing on each other and then licking it all off. After all, one must clean up one's art supplies, right?

These are great for any sort of holiday, especially Valentine's or a fun anniversary additive!!! These are a must-have for any chocolate, adventurous lover! Art skills not required! 


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