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Recommended Anal Sex Toys?

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I first discovered the fact that I enjoyed anal masturbation when I was roughly 14-15, when I was experimenting while my family was out at a sports game and was curious enough to try fucking myself anally with a plunger handle. While the thrill of it was arousing, my rush for experimenting led to me internally scratching myself with a turkey baster. While there was no permanent damage save for some bleeding, I've been finding it more difficult to get aroused from just items around the house. I want to try riding a big, thick dildo, and while I've gotten a few 'jelly' dildos in the past, they just don't seem to work for me. In addition, since I'm still with my parents to reduce costs for college, that makes it difficult to hide any 'packages' I get.

As such, is there any anal sex toys or sex toy distributors that would be recommended? Any suggestions would be appreciated, so long as the item isn't too big. Bonus points if they have a 'discreet' shipping method.

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