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Her Time Sensations Vibe

Another new toy company I've now had the pleasure trying out one of their fun lines is Aphrodisia.

This cute vibrator called her Time Sensations Vibe is one of five in this particular series. Stubby, bulbous, coated in a soft lilac colored silicone, this vibe is waterproof and only takes 2 AAA batteries. The head of this toy is curved up to help stimulate the g-spot. At about 6" long, daimater of about 1.5",  with an inserstable length of 3", this isn't a very large toy and It's also easy to use, so it's not intimidating for any new toy users, yet fun and powerful enough for more experienced toy users.

I love silicone toys, and always remember not to use silicone based lubes with them, because it will ruin your toys if you do. Trust me on this one.....Also, with the silicone, there's no real "new toy smell" like some jelly-based ones. It's also smooth and silky and feels oh-so-good when sliding in and out!

Anyway, this toy only takes 2 AAA batteries, but don't let the small batteries fool you! This baby has 7 functions, and I'm a gal that loves strong vibes. This toy definitely knows how to pack a powerful punch, and it's really quite for all of that pow-ah!!!  Since it's also curved and humped, it feels really good inside, and fills up a woman just enough to feel good. I do not prefer a strong vibe to stimulate my g-spot, so I didn't get that stimulated while it was on. There are only 2 buttons on the handle. The bottom turns it on/off. The top cycles thru the different vibe strengths easily. The batteries go at the end of the base, and has a little sliding trap door to put them in, and they've indicated on which way to put them, which is always helpful.

It was very easy to hang on to as well, because the handle is also curved/bumped. I loved this cute little toy, and will be using it again for sure.

I'll give this a rating of 3 Tyger Paws (out of 4) for ease, power, and purple!!!


For My Time!

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