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The Joy Ride Power G-Vibe With Suction Base

Anyone want to take the top off and go on a Joy Ride? Well, let me tell ya, Adam & Eve has come up with a great ride, complete with curves and power. Let me take you thru my test drive!!!!

This beautiful blue silicone vibrator is perfect in almost every way!

I love the color! It's my favorite shade of blue. It's a great size at 7" length, which is almost fully insertable, and almost 2" in diameter. Because it has a base which doubles as a suction cup, it's compatible with harnesses too! And, it gets BETTER!!!!

Running my hands over it's curves, I felt that it's smooth and silky. Gotta love those aerodynamic lines.

Insertion is smooth and easy and comfortable, plus very easy to clean!! The suction cup doesn't look like too much, and I admit I was skeptical on its strength, but it was very strong on the marble shower bench we have. Wow!!

Joy Ride comes with its own USB cord that you can use in a phone charger's plug, or even from your computer. Make sure you charge it fully before you use, because, trust me, you'll want to experience the full range of gears on this baby!!!

The plug in the dildo is discreet, and somewhat hard to find. But, the plug itself is a very small plug, that reminds me of a mini headphone jack. The plug inserts into a small area to the left of the power buttons on the dildo, near the base, as you're looking at the power button. Slides right in (the plug I mean LOL).

After it's fully fueled up, turning it on just requires you to press the power button (bottom one) for about 3 seconds or so. No keys or kick-start required!!! Then, when it's on, you press the power button again to cycle thru 8 different types of vibration patterns. Yes, 8 gears!!!!  The motor is pretty quiet, even the highest gear too!!!

And, one of the best features.....OMG......this is new for me!!! There is another button, on top of the power button. It's symbol is a lightning bolt. And that is the most exciting feature!!! You press that right at the point you want the most power, and, well, you get a power boost of about 10 seconds of uber-vibes!!! It's almost like a nitro boost!!! Van-Diesel would be very impressed!!!!

The length and size are very filling, and going around the curves is, oh so worthy of any classic driver out there!!!!

Because it's not realistic looking, I'd recommend this for anyone. The vibes are a bit strong, even on the lowest setting, and it's very easy to use, waterproof, and decently quiet. 

This toy will not be parked in the garage very much at all! I plan on putting a lot of, uh, miles on it!!!

This gets a 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws rating from this happily purring kitty!!!

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