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Sex Club Go-ers


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We actually have a sex club up the road from where we live, maybe about 15 minutes or so. We'd never go, being is that they have strict guidelines, and expectations, none of which are lesbians or overweight. LOL

Anyone go?

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We have three clubs near us and we go to two of them a few times a year.  Not sure where you live but if you are by any metropolitan area I'm sure there is a club are two that would fit your needs or wants.  There is a club I've heard of in Chicago where you have to send the admin's a full length picture of yourself and spouse so they can determine if you fit what they want at the club.  My wife and I have never done that.  


Most clubs have some kind of "ambassador" that shows you around and explains the various rules for the club. I am surprised the club that you are talking about is non-girl on girl, that is usually ok. 

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