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I knew the night was going to be a special one when I got home from work and there was no yelling or screaming kids in the living room. "Hey, where are the rats?"

"Your mom picked them up about three hours ago," the wife said entering the room wearing her silk robe, loosely tied opening to a V exposing much of her ample 36D breasts, "Why don't you go take a shower before we go out?"

"What are we doing?" I asked, having no clue what she could have planned.

"It's a surprise, but I guarantee you'll enjoy it," she demurred.

"Alrighty then," I said, "I'll take a quick shower and be ready in a few minutes."

"No hurry babe," she replied, "We have the whole weekend ahead of us!" she said with an little chuckle.

Now I was really intrigued, no kids from Friday night until sometime Sunday, that hadn't happened in a couple of years, and the last time it was because we had to go out to her parents house for her grandmother's funeral. A whole weekend with no kids and going out to start the weekend off...... This could get interesting.

Married for a little more than 12 years, Kirsten and I still love to fuck like teenagers, problem was more often than not the kids are about 20 feet from our bedroom door and have the uncanny ability to wake up right when we are getting raunchy, in fact just a couple nights before I was behind her pounding her still sweet pussy and toying her ass with a bullet vibe when my son knocked on the door to let us know that he had just thrown up....needless to say the moment was lost and I got to jerk off while the wife tended to our sick son......ahhhh the blessing of children.

A little more about Kirsten, she is 46 and looks about 35. Brown hair that goes down to just below her shoulders, hazel eyes, and a beautiful smile. As I said earlier she has 36D breasts that hang perfectly, 30 inch waist, and perfect 38 inch hips (her ass is my favorite part of her body). Having had 3 kids (the first at 20 with her first husband, and ours at 34) by C-section her pussy is still perfectly tight and always wet and ready. Nothing is taboo with her, as we have quite a collection of toys that we use often both together and alone. Her favorite is a mini Hitachi like rechargeable that she unusually uses to buzz her clit while using me or a 10" dildo that is quite thick. Getting ready for my shower I noticed that the toy box was out, and the Hitachi was charging. I also noted that my beard trimmer on the bed with a towel right next to it.

"All right babe, I'm jumping in the shower," I yelled down the hall.

"Well take your time and enjoy your shower honey," she yelled back

I walked naked into our bathroom and turned the shower on, to my surprise, everything was laid out for me; razor, face cloth, towels, and brand new body wash that I had never seen before. I got into the shower and just let the perfectly hot water rain down on me. Closing my eyes I just tilted my head back and relaxed for a bit. After a minute of the blissfully warm water soaking me, I reached out of the shower and grabbed my razor and shaving cream. Washing my face I couldn't help but think how great she looked when I came in the house. I lathered up my face and started shaving, closing my eyes I imagined her and Cindy my supervisor and friend showering with me. Cindy like my wife looked younger than she was and had an amazing body. Her tits are bigger than my wife's but the wife had her beat hands down in the ass department. While we playfully flirted all the time, both of us were madly in love with our spouses, that being said I still fantasied about playing with her and my wife at the same time.

Just as I finished shaving I heard the door open, I looked out to see what was up, "Hey, no peeking!" she yelled at me pulling the curtain closed just as I caught a glimpse of her naked from the waist up and wearing a new pair of really tight, sheer, and sexy black boy shorts that showed off her beautiful mound emphasizing her perfect slit which she had obviously shaved very closely as the panties sexily crawled up her crack to present an amazing camel toe, topping off the panties was something she never wears; black thigh highs with a garter belt and high heels. "Did you like what you saw babe?" she asked.

"Fuck yeah!" I replied, "You look amazing."

"Well, this is just the start of your show honey, now go back to getting yourself good and clean, while I get what I need." she told me and grabbed some stuff (with the curtain closed I had no idea what she got, but after seeing her and wondering what was ahead for me my cock started to grow).

The door shut and I opened the curtain to grab the facecloth and I noticed that my razor and shaving cream was gone. Soaping up the cloth I began to wash, I was pretty soaped up from head to toe. As I was rinsing off I started stroking my now half hard cock, while stroking myself I closed my eyes and pinched my nipples while fantasizing about having her sucking my cock and Cindy's big tits rubbing against my back as she pinched my nipples and played with my ass. Picking up the place I reached down and teased my soapy asshole pushing against it and letting out an audible moan as my finger entered my ass. I kept stroking and poking until I was about to cum, legs shaking and my breathing more like panting, again the door opened, "Don't you dare cum in the shower you fucker!" she yelled while giggling, making me about jump out of my skin.

"Christ Kirsten, you just scared the hell out of me," I breathlessly replied, "I was just about to cum you bitch!" I laughed. My heart pounding I looked down at my soaped up cock and noted a little cum just dripping out. Well I thought, I'll have to let her finish me off after my shower and finished rinsing off.

Exiting the shower I dried myself off, wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked to the bedroom to get ready. Entering the bedroom an amazing sight greeted me; my wife was lying on her back and buzzing her pussy through her panties while watching what appeared to be porn on the TV, to my surprise the porn she was watching was me playing with myself in the shower. "What the fuck?" I asked.

"Well you know how much I enjoy watching you get yourself off, so I set up a camera in the shower so I could watch you. I didn't know how far you would go but I must say watching you play with your nipples and ass was not only hot but quite a surprise," she said while still buzzing herself, "Why don't you come lay down beside me?"

I crawled onto the bed with the towel still around me and laid down. "

"What you were thinking about while playing?" she asked putting her hand in her panties.

"You baby" I replied as I rolled onto my side so I could get a better view of her playing with herself, "You sucking my cock the way only you can."

"Is that all?" she said closing her eyes as she slid a finger into her pussy. "You were only thinking of me?" she asked slowly sliding her finger in and out of her wetness.

"Well," I started a bit nervous to share my fantasy, "I was thinking about you on your knees sucking my cock and Cindy behind me teasing my nipples and ass."

"MMM....Cindy huh? You'd like to have her play with you while I suck your dick?" she started, "I think I'd like that too, her fucking tits make my mouth water, I bet she has sensitive nipples like mine," she said keeping her eyes closed and picking up the pace of her fingering, "I'd love to share your cock with her, especially if she'd let me taste those amazing boobs, I bet she'd love to have my mouth on her tits and my fingers in her cunt," she said in a low voice, "You can touch me if you want baby."

I reached over and ran my hand over her neck down to her left tit. I lightly circled aureola being careful to not touch her now rock hard nipples, "How's that baby?" I asked.

"Fucking perfect!" she growled pulling her finger from her pussy and putting in her mouth, "I am so fucking wet , I wonder how Cindy tastes when she gets as fucking turned on as I am right now."

she continued while reaching over to tease my hard nipples. "Your nipples are as hard as mine baby," she said teasing me with a little pinch, "is your cock hard too?" she asked.

"MMHMM," I moaned, my cock was hard as a rock and I pushed my hips forward signaling her to stroke me.

"Good," she said pulling her hand away and rolling away from me. She sat up and fucked around with the computer a bit, "now lie back and watch this while I go get another towel," she said getting up to leave the room. "If you want you can stroke your cock, but don't come until I get back."

I rolled onto my back and opened up the towel. Reaching down I stroked my cock a little with one hand while playing with my balls with the other. A new movie started on the TV, seeing my wife naked on film was something new to me (as she would never let me film her or us naked) and I must say I enjoyed it. She was sitting on the vanity with a bowl sitting next to her. Picking up my beard trimmer she leaned back and began to trim away all of her already close cropped bush. With every pass she let out a little moan. Reaching down she pulled her skin taught so she could get closer, spreading her legs she cleaned as much hair away as she could.

Still stroking and rubbing my cock I gasped, not because my cock was getting ready to explode (though it was), I gasped because on the TV the door opened and her best friend Sarah walked in to the bathroom naked, Sarah walked straight to Kirsten pushed her legs open pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her like she owned her. Watching this made me both pissed and hornier, I knew that they were very close, but never suspected this. Unable to take my eyes off the screen or my hands of my cock and balls, I watched them kiss and rub each other for what seemed forever (though it was probably less than a minute). Watching someone else please my wife was difficult, but damn if my cock didn't get harder with every nipple lick or pussy rub.

"I'm here to finish cleaning you up for Kevin," Sarah said taking the shaving cream and filling her hand with it, "Now lie against the mirror, spread your legs and let me get that pussy all clean for your and Kevin's special weekend," she ordered Kirsten, "I think you're about to have all of your dreams come true Kevin!" Sarah said, looking sexily into the camera.

Sarah slowly lathered up Kirsten's Mons, being careful not to touch her now glistening pussy lips. Taking my razor she took a slow sexy stroke up from just above labia to her panty line and rinsed the razor. She rubbed over where she had shaved and Kirsten moaned out loud, Sarah looked over her shoulder at the camera and said with and evil and knowing smile "She does have a beautiful cunt doesn't she Kevin? Do you get it this wet?" sliding her finger up Kirsten's slit she put it into her mouth, "Fuck I love the way this woman tastes!"

Hearing those words made my cock twitch and my stomach turn, wondering how long these two cunts had been fucking around. I could feel my balls tightening and new I had to slow down or I would come (looking back I don't know why I gave a fuck if I came or not). I stopped stroking my cock and sat up a little in bed so I could get a better look.

Painfully slowly Sarah shaved Kirsten's pussy, after each swipe of the razor putting the razor on the bowl and teasing my wife in some way; kissing her neck, licking around Kirsten's large aureola, sucking her nipples, fingering and tasting her dripping pussy, all the while Kirsten moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

Finishing getting Kirsten hair free, Sarah got a chair and told Kirsten to bend her knees and put her feet on the vanity so she could clean the hair from around her lips. Again Sarah turned to the camera and spoke, "Kevin, this cunt will be perfect for you when I'm done, it will be clean inside and out," she said with a wink, turning around and lowering her head between Kirsten's legs and licking up and down her slit (for the first time I realized that the camera was getting closeups of the action, "FUCK" I thought, "There's someone in their with them).

Sarah got a little shaving cream and using one finger smoothed the cream around Kirsten's swollen pussy lips. Lightly grabbing the left lip and pulling it forward Sarah carefully pulled the razor down as close as she could; Kirsten unable to take it moaned loudly and moved a bit, "Careful Kirsten, we don't want to cut this perfect pussy and ruin your weekend!" Sarah cautioned, then looking over her shoulder said, "Don't worry Kevin, I'll be real careful."

Putting down the razor Sarah looked back at whoever was working the camera and said "Come closer baby, I want Kevin to see what he'll be fucking and sucking this weekend."

I was again stroking myself watching this homemade POV porn. Amazed at the quality of the film, I wondered who could have been behind the camera. Fuck I wondered how the hell they did this without me having a clue. I also wondered where the hell Kirsten went, I had been so enthralled with the movie I didn't realize how long I had been watching.

"OK, now to the other side."

Sarah repeated the shaving process on the right pussy lip, lightly grabbing and pulling it taut to clean away any remaining hairs. When finished she put down the razor turning to the camera again, "Come here babe and get a look at this perfect cunt. I don't know if I have ever seen such a beautiful pussy," she said panting. As the camera got closer, I had to agree, that was a perfect looking cunt.

"Here, give me the camera so you can have a closer look," Sarah said taking the camera, "go ahead and touch it, I'm sure Kevin wouldn't mind."

"Fuck you you whore" I thought.

"Please touch me!" Kirsten said longingly, "Kevin said as long as I didn't hide it from him and we shared what we did he would be OK with it."

She was right, though it had always been more of a fantasy while fucking rather than a true agreement, but at this point I wanted to see who it was and I honestly wanted my wife to enjoy whatever was going on.

Sarah slowly turned the camera toward whoever was videoing to begin with, "You ready Kevin?" she asked with a chuckle.

"Fuck you cunt, just get on with this!" I thought.

His face came into the screen and I was shocked, it was Sarah's cousin Mark, the guy who had done yard work for us all summer, out of work I figured I was doing him a favor, little did I know how big a favor. Sarah stood up and let him sit down between Kirsten's legs. He reached toward her pussy and rubbed her now bald Mons. Kirsten moaned out "YES......please help me come!!"

Slowly Mark slid his hand down her now smooth pussy and using one hand pressed down just above her pubic bone while sliding two fingers into her glistening cunt. He slowly started pumping her pussy, pushing down on her while pressing and pumping his fingers up and in to Kirsten. Picking up the pace Sarah made her way beside Kirsten and started playing with her tits with one hand while keeping the camera on Mark's pumping fingers with the other.

"Fuck me with your fingers Mark.....Pump my cunt......fuck me......make this pussy cum.....make me come you fucker.......fuck my cunt up......YEAH MAKE MY CUNT CUM SO KEVIN CAN SEE......IT'S FOR HIM.....I FUCKING WANT HIM TO SEE MY CUNT CUMMING JUST FOR HIM......YOUR ONLY A FUCKING TOY THAT I AM USING TO CUM.......YOU TOO SLUT......PULL MY NIPPLES....FUCK......GODFUCKINGDAMIT........MOTHERFUCKINGCUNT.. GET OVER HERE AND LET ME FEEL HOW WET YOU ARE TOO YOU WHORE......FUCK... FUCK......FUCK.......I'M CUMMING.....FUCK I'M....GIIIIIII......GIIIIIIII.......OOOOOOOOOHHH FUCK.........FUCK....FUCK.....FUCK....."

I couldn't believe my eyes, my beautiful wife of nearly 13 years getting fingerfucked to ecstasy by the yard guy while having her fingers in her best friend who was teasing her tits. I was jerking my now totally engorged cock and rubbing myself to what I was sure was going to be a huge load when the door opened and my wife said, "Please stop, I don't want you to come yet."

The sound of her voice brought me back to reality. I looked over to see her standing in the doorway looking as beautiful as she had ever looked. The look on her face was one of fear and wonder. I honestly didn't know what to say, so I stopped masturbating and put my hand out to her. I saw a look of relief come over her and she almost ran across the room and jumped on me. Our embrace was as tight as the first time I came inside of her. We held each other for a minute before either of us spoke. "Are you OK?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied, "I don't know what to say."

"Well, before you say any more I want to tell you the whole story." she said.

"OK, I'll give you that," I answered, "but just tell me you'll let me cum soon, I have been close several times in the last couple of hours, and if I don't come soon, I think my balls will explode!" I said only half jokingly.

"Soon honey, but I really need to explain," she said, "Then I promise I'll let you empty those perfect balls anywhere you want to."


"Absolutely anywhere, anyway, anyhow, and in or on anybody!" she said with a wink and a smile that made me wonder what else could happen.

"OK, go ahead baby." I said, rolling onto my side to listen and admire her fucking hotness in the black lingerie getup she was wearing.

"Well the idea for this started about 6 months ago when we were watching some porn film together. It was on that POV site that you like and I think the only thing that has gotten me hotter that we've watched together is the double anal scenes, do you remember the night I was talking about?"

"Vaguely," I replied, remembering exactly the night she was talking about, "isn't that the night you let me let you video me eating your pussy?"

"Yes, that was the night." She answered, "I don't think I've ever cum as hard or as many times as I did that night."

"Apparently until you did the little film I just watched."

"Well....I guess you're right, I did have multiple and amazing orgasms doing the movie for you," she said sheepishly. "Anyway, the next day Sarah came over and I told her how many times you made me cum the night. I also told her how fucking hot that site was. As we were talking she asked if I had ever thought of making a movie for you. I laughed and said she was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought you would enjoy it."

"mmhhmm, go on," I said, my cock again hardening.

"So last week she calls me all hot and bothered and tells me she just finished watching some movies on that site, she went on to tell me about what she was doing," Kirsten said with a grin, "Then she tells me she looks up and there's Mark stroking his cock watching her!"

"Wait, I thought they were cousins," I said interrupting her, "What kind of fucked up shit is that, I mean it's not like they are teenagers playing doctor."

"I thought and said almost the same thing, then Sarah explains they call each other cousin because their moms are best friends and the grew up together. Then she tells me that they have fucked of and on since they were teenagers, so when she saw him jerking off while watching her she got an idea......That we should make a video like the one on the internet for you."

"OK," I said feeling a little better about what I just watched, "so the video is the first time you and she.....and Mark...."

"Are you kidding you shit, I love you more than life itself," she said both angry and hurt I think, "It took her nagging me for the last 3 months to talk me into this."

"Common hon, if you saw what I just saw you'd have some questions," I said, "I just wasn't sure what the fuck was going on." I said reaching out to rub her leg.

"Well I can honestly say that until we made that movie I hadn't touched another person sexually since we got together 13 years ago," she continued, "Anyway after talking me into it, we both watched that site to get some ideas, then I remembered you telling me how much you would enjoy watching me with another couple, so I started writing."

"That's what you were doing while you were on the computer," I said, "I thought you were just screwing around on facebook."

"Well, I'm glad you were paying such close attention, but yes I was working on a porn script," she went on, "I was working on a porn script for you and for other couples. I let Sarah and Mark read it and they said it was great," she was now smiling, "Then Sarah asked what was next, Mark jumped in and reminded her that he had a really good camera, and that he would love to help."

"I bet he wanted to help," I said with a sideways grin, "Look at you, and he's been fucking Sarah for years, and I must admit I imagine she's a pretty good piece of ass."

"I bet you think that too," Kirsten said with a laugh, "Not only does she look like a pretty good piece of ass, she eats pussy almost as well as you do.

"I'm glad you said almost," I said inching closer to her in the bed and running my hand up her leg to the elastic of her panties, "I think that Mark may be a bit better at fingerfucking than I though, at least it appeared that way, I've never made you cum that hard like that."

"Well I must admit, he definitely has a unique technique, but it didn't hurt to have Sarah playing with my tits, and a camera filming it all," she said while I rubbed her a little higher onto her pussy which was now showing a bit of a damp spot, "All that and knowing that you were going to be watching got me hotter than I have been in a long time, but the best part was I was hot not only for the hands touching me, I was hot for the idea of you being able to have a fantasy fulfilled."

I started rubbing her clit through her panties, "Hey, are you wet now because of me or the movie slut?" I said jokingly, "I guess it doesn't really matter because I'm hard because of you and the movie so either way I'm OK with it. So tell me the rest of your story, when did you put this all together.?"

"So....Last week I asked your mom to watch the kids this weekend so we could celebrate, when she asked me what, I said not having kids and winked at her. She got the idea and said she would. Then Sarah, Mark, and I talked over how to do the whole movie thing," she explained, "Then Sarah and I went to pick out the perfect costumes, successfully I think."

"I agree!"

"Then Monday while you were at work and the kids were at school we just kinda rehearsed. It was kind of awkward at first, then Sarah got naked, told me to get naked, and without much encouragement Mark was naked. Before we started filming Mark jerked off for a bit while I masturbated to get warmed up. Then we just started."

"You guys did that in one take?" I asked.

"Actually we did it Wednesday and Thursday. We would have finished Wednesday, but Sarah had an appointment in the afternoon. After we finished yesterday, I filmed Sarah and Mark fucking, took a shower and waited for you and the kids to get home."

"I didn't notice it until now, but I now understand why you were so ready for cock last night,"

I told her, "and for you to ask me to fuck you in the ass when the kids are here is very unusual. The only reason I didn't is because I thought you would wake them with your screams if we did."

"Don't worry, I suspect that cock will be in a lot of holes this weekend," she said, "Now lay back and let me clean you up before I drain those beautiful balls."

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