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Older guy never orgasming with his girlfriend


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My guy who is 65 comes with me very infrequently.  For a while we were discussing this and he was going to try decreasing his porn and masturbation habit as he had read that would help.  Now he's no longer talking about that and he never comes!  It's a turn on for me to have him in ecstasy.  Probably I should get the discussion going again.  Any ideas out there?

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While reducing masturbation may help your partner’s ability to reach orgasm, it may not solve the puzzle. For some men age has a component to the ability to achieve orgasm. I would suggest you both focus on pleasure and enjoyment. If he is focused on orgasm it may have a negative impact for achieving the grand climax. While edging play is fun, if you are playing this way he may experience the inability to achieve climax, in the traditional manner. There may be a need for more foreplay, or dirty talk, or seduction. Taking about what feels good, what you both would like and about how to excite each other may be a great path to getting what you both desire.   

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