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I am totally amazed at how many older women need to get laid. I have had more older women than women my age. I am in my mid 50's, and although not the sexual dynamo i was 30 years ago, i can still pound a pussy. I got off work and headed to my local eatery to have some beer and supper as i didnt feel like cooking that night. The place wasnt overly crowded but managed to find an open bar stool at the bar. I ordered my beer and while viewing the menu this attractive women next to me ask how was the food here, i'm not from here so i thought i would try it. I said the food is excellent and we struck up a conversation. It seems she was in town for a company function and she was bored as hell. I learned she was married, 12 Grand kids, and lived in Sarasota FL. Being from Florida she wasn't baked like most that reside in the Sun belt and had for a 65 year old a very bright and smooth complextion. As we talked it looked as though things were getting interesting as she kept reaching over to stroke my leg as she talked getting a point across. She smiled and said there more of that if you want, All i did was smile and said, Mmm sounds like fun. She asked me how far i lived from here as she was sharing a room with a co-worker, 15 minutes i said and thats when the party started. She and I paid our tabs and went out to my Truck and i asked her if there was anything she needed from her room and she said nothing lets get going. As i drove she was starting to talk somewhat dirty and telling me she hasnt had sex in over a year as her husband has lost his drive. I noticed she kept touching her crotch so she was getting all wet and hot. When i pulled in the driveway she was almost running into the house. Once settled she had no time line so we made some drinks and she asked if she could shower. She went off and showered as i cleaned the morning dishes when she walked out wearing my bathrobe and she grabbed me, turned me around and stroked my crotch until my cock started getting hard and then it all started, she led me to the living room and unbuckled my pants and undressed me as she fingered her pussy. and guided my hand to her now sloppy wet pussy and it wasn't long before she was sucking my cock like a pro. It had been about a week since i got off and told her be careful i am getting ready to cum, she said good, i want the 1st load so i shot a load past her throat and she handled every drop. It wasnt long before she had me hard again and began riding my cock like a crazed whore. She was so horny that i pounded her hard and she begged for more. As i turned her around doggy style her phone rang and she reached over to grab it and i pulled out and she said leave it in, i have always wanted a strange cock in me while i talk with my husband, so i was going very slowly but she was having none of that, she started pushing back as if saying don't stop fucking me. So i continued to pound her and as i blew my load she covered the phone up and moaned really load. Her pussy now filled with cum she laid on her back legs spread and yep continued her conversation. she motioned for me to eat her pussy which i couldnt wait to do and litterly buried my face in her cum soaked crotch and just as she hung up i sucked as much cum out of her and fed it to her as i buried my cock balls deep and fucked her so hard she was now screaming loudly and telling me to fuck it fuck it hard and she stated cussing saying fuck me you bastard hurt that pussy you bastard. As i tried to fuck it as hard as i could she screamed oh my fucking god you did it, and she had a squirting orgasm she squirted hard and long and she was shaking and couldnt talk. She smiled and kissed me and we relaxed  alittle and she got dressed and asked me to take her back to the Hotel, as she walked she was almost acting drunk but wasnt, she could barly walk. That ol girl hasnt been fucked like that in years i 'll bet. 

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