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Looking back to the good old times we share together


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Next week, I’ll be celebrating my 49th birthday. My relatives are planning for a birthday party, they said it will be fun, but for me, it will be more happier if my wife is still alive. Five years ago, we were involved in a car accident. I survived but I was seriously injured. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t make it. She died on the spot. I was really shattered. The love of my life had left me.

I struggled after the incident, but I need to move on because I still have our kids to care. I can still remember the day I met her, it was during the foreign date live we both attended. My memories about her are still fresh. As I look back to the good old times we shared together, I can’t help myself but cry. I love her so much. And I can’t wait to be reunited with her again.



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I happen to come across your sad entry here...I don't know if you will ever use this site again but I feel compelled to reply (especially since there appears to be no replies from others since your writing back in April)....

There is no pain worse than losing one's soul mate....please accept my deepest sympathies. May God give you strength as you face life in the days to come without your wife "Sadpartner"....I hope you truly had a fun birthday in spite of your heavy heart for her....

There are many people-even on here-who struggle with some sort of loss and have reached out to others. But I'm thinking that you may want to go down a different road...reach out to professional people and share your sadness with them also. They can help support you as you grieve...

May you find peace in all of your tomorrows ....until you are reunited with her again.  Take care my friend

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