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I travel a lot and it affects my dating life


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I love traveling around the world. I have been to a lot of countries as I really travel a lot. It’s not really for work, it’s more like a passion for me. Because of this, I have a hard time looking for a serious girlfriend as I tend to get busy with my traveling plans, hopping from one tourist spot to another.

This time, however, I want to spice up my romantic life and I’m thinking about meeting people while traveling so as to hit two birds with one stone. My cousin told me try out foreign dating tours but the thought of it makes me so nervous and I’m not sure what to do during those events. I really want to try it out but can anyone tell me how I should prepare for it?


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I am an Engineer and travel alot and trust me i have no problem finding women who just want to play. Perhaps you are not trying hard enough. However maybe its your vibe I don't know but a tactic i employ is to sit and act like i don't care and pretty soon the women that are watching you that you didn't know were watching soon enough will approach you. Trust me.

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