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Silicone G-Spot RabbitRabbits, rabbits, rabbits......

What better type of toy can there be but a rabbit, which is a toy that has a shaft that goes inside you, and then another part that stimulates the clit as well? None that I can think of!! Oh, wait! But, with this one, there's more!! This toy is also designed to stimulate the g-spot, it's a cute pink color made with a smooth SILICONE, AND it's soooo easy to use! It doesn't specify whether or not it's waterproof, but it does have the gasket around where you put the batteries in, which indicates to me that it's at least water resistant (probably not submersible though).

It only takes 2 AAA batteries to supply this toy with some strong, yet quiet vibes, that range from a medium low, medium high, high, and 7 various pattern vibes. It only has 2 buttons at the base. The bottom button turns in on, and the one above it changes the vibe settings for you. It shuts off quickly, and I was very impressed with how quiet it was, yet how powerful those 2 little batteries were!

The head of the shaft is quite bulbous, and the shaft is curved up a bit, to help stimulate the g-spot, and make you feel nice and full. Now, for my personal preferences with g-spot stimulations, is having a toy with a more rigid shaft to add pressure to my g-spot. Since this is a softer silicone, it has a little more bend in it than I prefer. However, the 2 "ears" for clit stimulation were pretty comfortable and stimulated my clit really well. It more like hugged around my clit, but, hey! Whatever works!!! I 

This toy is PERFECT for any new toy users that may be a little intimidated with anything that may look a little bit more realistic. Easy to use, clean, and feels really nice, I would recommend this to almost anyone.

Though, for me it didn't work well for what it's specified for: g-spot stimulation, it still felt really good, and I did orgasm with it. 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws for a rating from this happy cat!

Rabbit for you?

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