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Yeah, you don't. There is no safe and sane way to make a body-safe sex toy for cheap or free. If you're looking for freebies, check out my colleague sex toy reviewers and join in their giveaways (you're welcome to join ours but we only ship inside of Europe).

There are some cheap toys out there that might get you what you want, but without a budget I wouldn't know what to advice.

I'm sure that you've been looking into zucchini's, cucumbers or other stuff, just don't, even with a condom there is a serious risk of your insides getting infected with something on the peel of the fruits and veg, or worse, they could break of inside of you.

That also goes for brush handles, deodorant bottles, normal bottles, soda cans, whatever, just don't.

Be safe buy a good toy, there are plenty awesome toys out there that are really worth the investment, and can potentially last you a LONG time.

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I would recommend investing in one or two good sex toys. It’s all you really need. I wouldn’t try to make one, that can’t be safe! I’ve gotten every single toy I own from too timid. The 3 free toys where you just pay shipping is amazing 

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