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Homosexuality? Am I safe?


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hey all,

In May I'm heading to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (first time in singapore, 2nd time in KL since I was about 10 so this topic didn't quite apply) First off a thank you to tripadvisor for helping me book my hotels hehe.

I'm gay, and I'm going with my partner. We're not overly flamboyant or affectionate in public so I don't think it's an issue. I'm just worried about our accommodation mainly as we'll obviously be sharing a room and a bed.

In both of these countries, will we have our hotels denying us a large bed to share, will we get dodgy looks, will they call the police? (that may be extreme, but I really don't know!!) I'd like to hope it's a don't ask don't tell situation, or that they'd be okay with it I mean tourist money is money right? Never had an issue in Bali. Our hotel staff there were cluey to the fact and even complimented us. There are a lot of opinions online that vary so I'm quite unsure. It's all for my birthday so I'm very excited yet concerned it may turn into a downer for this very thing.

Opinions from some other gay couples would be greatly appreciated!

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Any help ?

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