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WOW!!! I love this! When I first opened "Air Touch III Clitoral Suction Stimulator" I was dumfounded.  I couldn't imagine it's worth.  New out of the package it feel silky smooth as a toy should and doesn't have any smell at all.  It's as comfortable and natural to hold in my small hand as it is in my DH larger hand, it has it's own usb charging cord instead of a big bulky plug which is my preference, is splash proof and is made of phthalate free silicone. Its about six inches long and it's whisper quiet for those of you who have kids in the house.  I've never used anything like this, so curious as I am, I charged it immediately as the directions suggest to see what it's all about.  As I turned on the toy I placed my finger on the suction area and rotated through the twelve different suction patterns.  I thought okay, could be nice, well see.  DH and I tested it out a couple of different ways, both before warming up and after warming up and tried to rotate through different suctions. I love, love, love the nipple suctioned! and the clitoral suction.  It enhances both four play and penetration.  Each time I've used the Air touch III my orgasm were much more intense! Gotta' love that!  If you are worried about clitoral sensitivity, don't!; Adjusting the position a little higher up under the hood and it will still be extremely pleasurable! I think it completely enhance your experience, it did mine.  WAIT, I almost forgot! I used it while DH was traveling and it was yummy delicious ;) too!   I think this toy is GREAT for everyone beginners and the most experienced.  I can be used with or without a dildo/penis, and with or without a partner, in the shower or on dry land. I Highly recommend the AirTouch III Clitoral Suction Stimulator!!!  I award this a 5 out of 5 hearts!  HAPPY SUCKING! ;D

Reviewed by Ladylove 5/2018





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