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Intoducing anal ses

Guest KMK

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I am a lady that would really like to explore anal sex with my partener.  I love anal when I masturbate and think this would add spice to our sex life.  But he isn’t really into it.  Any suggestions about how to approach the subject?  BTW, he is 11 years older than me.

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give him a blow job and start rubbing a finger around his anus if he enjoys it slowly put in one well lubed finger very slowly. He enjoys it enough then he might be ready to explore more with you. 

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Anal for him to give to you? Or anal you would like to give to him? If its for you which makes sense as you mentioned masterbating with anal. Id just make sure your clean after an enema and take his cock well lubed and insert in you bent over.

Just take charge. I cant imagine him stopping you. I personally love anal on me. I find it extremely erotic and i usually cum from anal penetration.  Or get on top my favorite position and insert him into ur ass that way. I find the angle better and get more ecstasy from riding vs getting it from behind. 

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