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Advice for Virgins on Sex Toys

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Okay can someone please help me out here... I'm 19, female, and still a virgin. I'm aromantic (meaning that I don't experience romantic attraction) and I've never been in a relationship, nor do I want to be. That's just the way I am, but I do experience sexual attraction and I'm horny a lot; I wake up almost every day feeling really horny (like morning wood I guess, but for women?) but masturbating with my fingers never seems to give me an orgasm. I've never purchased or used sex toys before because I just recently moved away from my strict Christian parents, so I bought a small-ish vibrator from TooTimid (the Butterfly Kiss) and it arrived the other day... but I just -- can't get it in me, lol. I never imagined that something so small (1" diameter) would be so painful. I guess I've been desensitized by porn and imagined that it would be easy, and I always thought my hymen was broken because I've used tampons for years. But I can't insert it all the way and it hurts sooo bad when I try to. I don't know what to do because I don't plan on having sex with a man anytime soon and I really need some relief because I'm so horny and I can't really orgasm with just my fingers. Can someone please give me some advice? I thought about just pushing really hard and breaking my hymen myself, but the pain from just a little is really bad and it ruins my mood to even try. Please help! :(

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