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Sugesting Something new to him

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Okay, I'm younger than my man by 3 years and he is very dominant. I wanna try new sex positions but don't know how with out making either parties uncomfortable and him like he's not a good dominant. Guys, what do you suggest?

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A good dominant is actually knowing that they're really not the one in charge. The sub is. The sub is the one that has the limits that may or may not be crossed, and therefore, can stop the action by a simple safe word. 3 years is NOT a very big age difference, so that really shouldn't matter. A good dominant will allow suggestions, honor safe words, and respects his/her sub. If the "dom" refuses to do so, do not play sub/dom with them.


Next time, please post in the appropriate subject. Contests and fun questions isn't really for this subject. You'd get more responses in the right area. :) Look for Sex Positions-Fetish and Bondage area for this.

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