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On ‎8‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 12:04 AM, Eternos_Eternia said:

New to the forum. Would love for advice on my question in Ask a "Sex"pert  titled My Boyfriend Watches Porn then went touch me. any advice will help. I'm excited to read about tips and tricks, and maybe read some spicy "sex"apades! Be sure to check out my question and leave some advice. Thanks!

for me porn is a way to prime the pump, get the juices flowing. enjoy the ride

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My partner and I do watch porn together on occasion.  It may aid the initial foreplay but usually gets turned off or becomes background noise while we continue making love.  I know  a couple where porn is a prerequisite to having sex, but that doesn't seem right.  Why do you need it every time to get aroused?

I have never felt intimidated by the porn or pressured to do something that we saw.  Some of the positions would be a strain for an Olympic gymnast.

Generally, while he watches, I'll massage his bulge through his pants or shorts, rubbing the head slowly.  Eventually as I feel it straining against the fabric, I'll pull down his pants and reveal his semi-hard penis.  With him still able to watch, I'll kneel between his spread legs to licks his thighs, stomach, balls, and penis.  My oral attention would usually raise his penis to full attention and we would go from there.

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