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On your knees


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Three little words
Innocuous by themselves
Hard to grasp together

A bold task
A leap of faith
Trust in him
In yourself

Is it harder to trust him or yourself?

On your knees
You struggle
You fight
Every fiber of who you are is not on this floor
You just need to stand up
But yet that urge to please
That internal struggle that tells you stay there/get up.

Your hands
Behind your head
Absolutely exposed
Delicately vulnerable

But yet your body lies
That trickle slipping down your thigh
That flush of crimson enveloping your skin
The weakness in your knees
The unsteadiness
Not again

You are stronger than this

Your mind and your body fight
On your knees
He strokes and teases
He rubs and pinches
You squirming


He says “Rise”
But yet you want more.

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