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It’s football Saturday! She came into my houses decked out in the team colors, sexy as could be, Pom pons in her hands and her hair in a ponytail swinging back and forth. I couldn’t help but laugh with joy. One thing I loved about here was her willingness to be silly and play dress up. She bounced over to me and kissed my cheek whispering “more later.” I grabbed her and threw her on the couch next to me. She giggled. “We are watching the game today, right?” She said as I straddled her hips and leaned in for a kiss. As much as I would like to watch the game I more liked playing the Pamela with her. She pushed mo off and told me to “be good, and you’ll get more later.” I playfully pouted and took her hand as she searched the TV channels for the game. Finding the station she jumped from the couch and skipped to the kitchen. What was she up to I thought and went to follow her. Turning the corner I was given the look of if you know what is good for you you better not come in here. I know enough to leave her be when that occurs.

i left her be and went back to the living room. The game always starting and I called out to her. She tells me she will be there in a minute. I settle in for kick off. Two minutes later she rounds the corner with a tray of food, but now only dressed in a football jersey. Turning to set the tray down she reveals a similar color thong. She spies me looking and gives her hips a little shake. “You drive me crazy.” I tell her. She laughs and tells me to watch the game. Our team scores! She kisses me and asks: “Would you like to score?” She kneels befor me and pulls my pants off. She slides up between my legs, kissing my thighs as she does so. I have lost interest in the game. She reaches in to my briefs and frees me. In one swift move she has me trapped between her lips. A roar emits from the TV, another score for our team. She sucks and lick, another score for me. As she sucks and licks I note she has her hand between her legs, stroking her jewel. I can hear how wet she is. She begins to feed me her nectar off Her fingers. As I feel a climax nearing she releases me and straddles my hips taking me deep in her. 

A roar emits again on TV, a new score for them and for me. She writhes on me, thrashing back and forth. She grinds down hard, bouncing on the shaft of mine filling her. I reach up to play with her nipples. She responds with moans and cries of intense pleasure. “I’m cuming, i’m cuming.” She begins to yell. We thrust harder. Climax takes her. A roar from the TV emits again. We just scored! 

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