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He asked you to get undressed, put the blindfold on, and wait for him in the bedroom. You scurry into the room, pull your dress over your head, snap your bra off and kick your panties towards your dress. You open the “drawer” and find the blindfold. Just looking at the accouterments in the drawer is making your pussy wet. You slip the blindfold on. Go over to your spot and kneel down to await for him. Fingers are intertwined with both hands resting on the back of your neck. Kneeling up on your knees with your arms in this precarious pose always makes you feel vulnerable. Whenever he asks you to do this, he makes you wait.

Time is a mistress that leaves you unaware. You have no sense of how long you are waiting. A few minutes. 10 or 15 minutes? However long your knees and arms are hurting. Thoughts drift to the unknown. That paddle. The whip. His hand. His breathe against your neck. Is he in the room yet? Or was that your imagination. The radio drowns out sounds and movement. Maybe it was just your imagination.

You start to flex your back. Trying to adjust without disobeying his orders. Now your elbows feel like lead weights. Your mind side tracks again. You feel your pussy starting to leak. A slow stream snakes down your thigh. You feel the cold air on your nipples. Suddenly they are being squeezed. Just as quickly, you realized he was there and attached your favorite clamps.

He whispers in your ear, “You are a beautiful slut, My Slut!” You melt, between the warmth of his breath, his proximity to you, and the way those words make you feel. You get out a throaty, “Yes Sir! I am your Slut!”. Now aware of the dryness in your mouth. 

“Stand up!”, he barks. 

As you rise, he spins you around. He pulls your wrists back, enough to get you off balance. His one hand steadies you, while the other holds the wrists. Then he grabs the bondage tape and wraps your wrists, forcing your hands to grab the alternate wrist. He offers you a drink of water. Then he wraps the tape around your face so it covers your mouth.

Then he wraps, tightly above and below your breasts. Just tight enough to start making you feel secure. Then he does the same just above your hips. Gently he moves you to the bed and helps you lay on your back. 

He lifts your legs up and opens them up. He tells you to hold that position. He runs his fingers up and down both of your inner thighs.Then creates circles closer and closer to your pussy. He slowly and methodically traces a pattern around your clit and your labia lips, just grazing each spot for a second or two. Then he rubs and squeezes your clit. Then his other hand starts rubbing your gspot. Quickly he rubs, taking you close, but suddenly stops. You feel something cool slipping into your pussy. It is your balls that he slips in.

Next his hands moves around to your back door. With your juices dripping down to it, his finger swirls around your balloon knot. Then quickly pushes in. In and out. Slow then fast. Then he stops and pushes in your glass plug. That sends shivers down your spine from the cold and because you feel so full. 

He then pulls your legs together and rests them on his chest. A quick spins of the roll, and now your ankles are secured with the tape. Next he grabs the Hitachi and turns it on low. He places the vibrating head on your legs, just above your clit. He wraps the tape with the vibrator securely snug against your clit. then he wraps your knees in place. 

He places a ball in your hand, a little superball that would bounce loudly against the hard wood flooring. He whispers in your ear and says when you can no longer take it, throw the ball on the ground. He places the ball in your hand, turns the vibrator on high, covers you up, and walks down stairs to watch the game………  

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Thanks for the story. It’s great to see someone with imagination, fantasy and willing to arouse us readers.

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