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Hey ya'll,

      Im new to all this, 57, straight, divorced 7 yrs after a crappy 24 yr marriage. Just been reading here and like that most of you are just normal people wanting to help one another in one way or another. Im still trying to find my way in the world after being married for what seemed like forever and then having to help with some parent issues for several yrs.  Ive ordered a few toys here, still waiting on them, very excited! I had a fling waiting on my court date for the divorce and hooked back up with him a few weeks ago online and teased each other terribly verbally and but he didnt put any action behind it (works alot and doesnt live the closest) so I put that all behind me and it has left me so blasted horny I can hardly stand it. I look at all these beautiful pics of hard cocks on here and crave for one. mmmm mmm mmm This is a strange world we live in and you cant just go out and bang whoever you want. So, that leaves me with getting creative. lol Ive had my eye on a neighbor who is probably 25 yrs younger than me. He said something about coming down to the firepit (we live in an apmt complex) sometime when he is grilling out and I spend all night fantasizing about that young hard cock in me. Goodness, I stay wet all the time thinking about it and have to have a solo session by myself to get over it. Im planning out that firepit visit and look forward to getting my hands on that sweet young cock. So, thats me. Looking forward to some good conversation with ya'll. 

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Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are on a new adventure. I hope it bring you all the pleasure you seek.

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