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Sunday football


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Another day you dread. Another football Sunday. A day that has your husband plopped in front of the television all day, leaving you lonely and bored. But today was worse, he invited his buddies over. That meant that no only do you have to deal with football, you have to put your “game face” on and be a good hospitable hostess.

You always try to dress nicely. You have on a sexy pair of heels, black nylons, attached to a frilly garter belt, lace panties and black leather skirt. On top you wear a tight, white button down top, and bra matching your panties. This you wore before you knew his friends were coming over. Ugh.

Your husband ran out to pick up snacks and beer for the day, but of course you are supposed to prepare it all. What a neanderthal! You are busy in the kitchen when you hear the door bell. Your husband greets his guests. Within several minutes of each other, all 5 were there and down in the man cave immersed in pre-game festivities, beer drinking, shots, and lewd discussion about women. 

You come down the stairs and start bringing down the first part of the snacks. You set it down in front of the tv onto the coffee table. Most of them were more interested in watching the tv than looking at you, which was fine by you. Most of them were bloated, slobs that he went to school with, except for Tommy. Tommy was  beautiful. He made all the women melt around him and he had the personality and charm to go with it. He was the only one to make eye contact with you and never let you out of his sight.

Walking away, you can feel Tommy’s warm glare on your ass. You know he likes what he sees. Before you turn the corner to go up the stairs, you glance back and you were right. Back to the kitchen to finish the last of the snacks. Over the next  half hour or so you hear hollering and groans following the ebb and tide of the game. You plate the last of the snacks and go back down to the cave.

You put these snacks over by the bar. They are warm and you tell them so. Most of them are entranced with the game that they barely respond, everyone except Tommy. He walks over and whispers in your ear and says thank you. You melt with just those words. You two are behind the bar facing the tv and the backs of everyone else’s heads. 

His hand suddenly grabs your ass, you jump and squeal. He surprises you. One hand is occupied with eating the snack while behind the bar the other is massaging your back side. His hand stokes your ass, slowly moving closer and closer to your pussy. 

“You hear, hun can you order the pizza? It is almost half time”, your husband asks, oblivious to the groping. Struggling to stay composed, you shake your head yes and say, “Sure.” You pull away and run upstairs to call the delivery place. Your face warm and red. Your pussy tingly and wet. You are starting to like Sunday!

Within a half hour, the pizza arrives and you carry it back down stairs. Everyone is at the bar. They are all excited because their team is winning. They are drinking shots and are excited to get the pizza. The smell draws them over to the table where you put it on. You feel minuscule. Today is football, beer, and pizza for them. You’re being ignored except for one set of eyes. You tell your husband to get you a glass of wine. Groaning, he complies.

All the men are scarfing down the pizza and polishing it off with beer. Most of them are already inebriated including your husband. The game is about to come back on and they all gather around the tv except for your new interest. You stand behind the bar, and take your thong off, hand it to Tommy. Then walk back up stairs with the bottle of wine and your glass, leaving him with a huge hard on. 

After a couple of minutes, Tommy’s phone rings. He gets off the phone and said he needs to run to pick up his kid from practice, but he’ll be back. When he gets to the upstairs, he sees you, grabs you by the wrists and takes you to your garage. He kisses you roughly. His hands all over your body. Groping. Pinching. Rubbing.

You moan softly into his ear as he explores your body. No his big hands are circling and rubbing your clit. He rubs you to bliss.He spins you around and pushes you against the car. Pushes your face against the car’s hood. He flips your skirt up. Starts rubbing your ass. Then in quick succession he spanks your ass. Moans escapes your lips. Then suddenly he pushes himself inside you. He grabs your hair and pulls your head back as he fucks you. His other hand over your mouth, keeping your slutty moans muffled.

The fucking is fast and rough. Exciting and powerful. You use one hand to rub your clit and orgasm fast. He is ready as well. He pumps and cums inside you. Pulling out, he spins you to your knees. Forcing you to clean his cock. Hungrily you appease. Tasting yourself mixed in with his cum. He zips up and walks back downstairs. You used, dripping and completely satisfied.

Sundays are looking up. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.   

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