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I discovered that I’m a married man who is bi sexual. My wife doesn’t share my wild life style but she allows me to do whatever makes me happy. About four months ago I met a guy online. We met one Saturday night I sucked his big dick in his car. I swallowed. Since then I have hooked up with a few guys. I’m still an ass virgin. Now I’m interested in couples. I want to be a sex slave to a decent couple. I suck dick better than any women. I am willing to let the right guy pop my ass cherry. I fuck pussy. I worship feet. I eat creampies. I will do whatever your fantasies are. Message me. I’m so horny I’m hurting. 

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Since my divorce a couple of years back, I have been in some unique sexual encounters. I have since met and am currently in a relationship with a hot women but still I find myself needing my buddies dick. I very much enjoy pleasing his cock and sometimes I think I want more. I crave the anal orgasms he gives me, and he and I engage in sex every couple of days. I maintain a very fluid schedule so meeting up with him is not a problem. Yesterday I was feeling a little horny so I sent him a text to see if he could meet me after work. I arrived to find him on his couch naked and stroking his awesome cock, and I went right down on him swallowing him whole and letting him cum. After I swallowed his load we got busy giving me an enema so I could get my fix. After an hour I was clean and he was hard and I got the fucking that I so needed. 

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