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Continuous Operating Sex Toy? Does it Exist? How to make?

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Hello. I have been looking for some type of device that can offer continuous penis stimulation. I'm not really picky about what it is. So long as it can wrap around the penis and offer continual operation. It can be a cock ring, flesh light, anything really.

My problem is that absolutely everything I've looked at so far functions either with removable batteries or rechargeable batteries. One device I've seen, for example, said it had to charge for two hours to offer one hour of operation.

This will not work for my use case. I have gotten use to "gooning" as the Internet has dubbed this practice. This is prolonged masturbation sessions that seek to deliver constant pleasure by holding off actual ejaculation as long as possible so that the pleasurable state of "being horny" can be extended for long periods of time. Ideally, without even the need for actual ejaculation at the end of the session.

I have become rather good at this, and it does feel good, but it has delivered a problem to me. My sessions can easily last three and sometimes even four hours at a time. Which is good, but I am seriously thinking that I am slowly giving myself carpal tunnel as my hand hurts a fair amount after these sessions.

A device that can only operate for the first hour, then fail me so that I have to use my hand for the next two hours while it recharges, only so that I can get just one more hour of use for the fourth hour of my session really defeats the point entirely for my use case; as the device is 'down for the count' for half of my session time.

Is there a device that I can buy that I can plug into a wall or USB and have vibrate continuously until I am done? If not, how difficult would it be to modify an existing battery operated device (presuming it's a battery that can be removed and not a rechargeable model) to do this?

I have never modified an electronic device before and I am afraid that I will cause it to catch fire, explode, or electrocute myself. Considering where it is operating, this would not be ideal.

However, it might be possible, considering all I would really need to do is attach (solder?) the correct voltage from a wall plug adapter to the battery connectors to deliver a constant stream of appropriately matched electrical current (the same amount that it would be getting from a battery) to the device. Maybe put on some electrical tape to avoid shock? I guess at that point my main concern is that the motor may burn up from continuous use. Is that something to worry about?

Does anyone know if something like this already exists or how to make it if it doesn't? My hand hurts and I want a better solution. Thank you.

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