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how do I overcome my fear of ejaculating in front of a woman?


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the other day I went to visit the massage spa and decided to get another happy ending.

I didn't get the whole thing this time, just oral and a handjob. nevertheless, my DE got the best out of me once again. luckily the masseuse was nice enough to not rush me, but boy did she had to work hard to make me ejaculate.

something is telling me that this is all just anxiety. for quite a while now I always had this idea that women find men ejaculating in plain view very disgusting and repulsing and that only women in porn love to see and feel semen. therefore whenever I'm doing it with someone these thoughts creep into my head so my anxiety prevents me from easily ejaculating. I also tend to moan pretty loud when I ejaculate while doing it so this kinda makes me feel insecure. I feel like only pussies moan loud when they cum.

anyways I think the only way I can fix this is by having someone convince me that women in porn aren't the only ones that crave for semen. if I can just convince myself I can get over this anxiety. if not then oh well, at least it serves me as a build in stamina-booster.

till then do women really enjoy it? if I get this in my head will it help me get over this stigma?
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never met women or man that I would not cum in front of.. erotic for me and taste good too.. protien

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This would be a great topic to go in the Masturbation Tips section. You may get more answers if you post it there.

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