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As I travel frequently for my job as an Engineer I do a lot of consulting work onsite. My travels take me to different parts of the country but sometimes I end up in very boring places like Omaha Neb. Staying at the Ameristar Hotel and casino in Council Bluffs I was in the bar enjoying my beverage after being outside all day sweating my ass off. It was a Saturday evening and we took Sunday off so I figured I would relax with some Bourbon and cigar. 

Sitting outside on the patio by the Missouri River enjoying my down time a tall middle aged guy came out and had the same thing in mind, he fired up a stogie and we struck up a conversation. After talking sports, guns, women and everything else under the sun we ordered another round of drinks and as we puffed our cigars he asked me so we both travel so how do you spend your down time at night . I didn’t know how to answer that truthfully so I threw caution to the wind figuring a question like that may lead to something else. So after a long pause I said well, if I’m in for the night I like to beat off, but then again most men do the same thing. He laughed and said yea me too but have you ever had some help , yes I said are you volunteering laughing as I said that. So once on the subject we talked about our desires and kinks, all the while knowing that it wasn’t going to be another boring night. 

Finishing our cigars we decided to leave and head to his room, since he had a 2 man whirlpool tub, and since I desperately needed to shower I figured what the hell. I learned he worked for the Railroad and he too was a frequent lonely traveler and he wasn’t shy about his wants. As the tub filled he could see I was relaxed and willing for whatever happened and said as much. I must admit being in his late 50s his rock hard body was sexy as hell and when he got naked I was shocked at how hairy he was, had a a very nice cock and low hanging balls and he got into the tub, I got undressed and he smiled and said wow nice cock and I got into the tub as well. Soaking and drinking our hands found each other’s cocks and we were both rock hard. 

As we soaked and stroked each other he would sometimes reach down and tickle my ass and I would spread my cheeks to accommodate his fingers, he smiled and said Mmm you like that? Hell yea I said, I have toys I play with all the time. He gently smiled and said we were going to have a great time. Our conversation got really deep and he stated listen I am not looking for a quick blow and go, I like to play for hours and I concurred. I admitted to being a bottom and if it went there he would need to use a rubber. He agreed and got up and guided his now rock hard cock into my mouth and his body quivered when I deep throated it. Cradling his nut sack he was in heaven and said let’s hit the bed. I spoke up and said listen if we are doing this I need to go to my room and get my enema kit so I’m clean. He smiled and said great I will help you. I went and got my bag of goodies, lube, rubbers and enema kit. Yes people I travel with my goodies.

Back in his room I got naked again and he said listen I can get hard again but I need some release 1st. I could taste his pre cum and knew he was close so I work his cock with my throat and holy shit did he cum. Relaxing for a moment he filled up the water bag and inserted the enema hose and after 2 good flushing I was ready. A quick shower and we were ready to party . I wasn’t prepared for the hardcore fucking I was in for, his 7 inch cock was balls deep and he knew how to use his member and hit my sweet spot and I shot a huge load all over my chest and he pulled out and sucked the cum off my chest and went back to work, right before he let loose again he pulled out and ripped the condem off and guided my mouth onto his cock and he shot his 2nd load. He smiled and said that was fantastic, but admitted he was selfish and hadn’t really sucked my cock so he worked me into another hard on and finished me off with my cum down his throat. We laid there exhausted and since we were both stuck there for the weekend I stayed the night and we continued to play in the morning. 

Yep, traveling can suck but sometimes you never know what’s going to happen. 

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