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can't orgasm?


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for context: i'm a 21 year old transgender man and pre-op (basically: i'm a man but i have a vagina)

i've never had an orgasm, by myself or with a partner, with or without toys. i've explored vaginal and anal penetration, as well as clit stimulation. the only thing that ever feels GOOD is clit stimulation, and i've never even been able to do that for long enough to get myself to come. i have to pull away after a little while, like i don't have the coordination to keep it up? i'm not sure if i'm too impatient or if it just takes me an absurdly long time to get anywhere with it, but regardless my arms get too tired before i get any significant results

penetration doesn't HURT, but it doesn't feel... good. it feels like nothing? like there's just the physical pressure of having something inside of me, no erotic sensation at all. about as sexually stimulating as chopping vegetables. i've also never been able to find my g-spot, with fingers or toys

i don't know. i just want to get off. i'm so sexually frustrated. anyone else have these problems? any advice? should i talk to a sex doctor or something?

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