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wifes Cum Fetish

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My wife for the past 5 years has enjoyed being gangbanged by up to 20 guys in a session.I love to watch this and enjoy fucking her at the end and have an awesome orgasm!!We usually do this in a hotel room to avoid the attention in our neighborhood. After each session she tries to push as much cum out as possible then I douche her out with warm water and use a turkey baster bulb to draw out the rest of their cum. I put their manseed in a 1 qt. ZIPloc bag and freeze it. because of the logistics of getting all the guys together at once we only do this usually once a month. So during that off time I retrieve some of the frozen spunk and thaw it out in a bowl then warm it up in a microwave.I then draw it up into a squirting dildo. I squirt this in her mouth and wife savors and reminises their hard cocks while she chugs on their semen. My wife was shy to this whole thing initially.But when I started using dildos on her and roleplaying big cocks fucking her it wasnt long after that she opened up to fucking other dudes in front of me. I love having a cumslut wife now👿so...oooo fun!!!

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