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My wife taken by a coworker part 2, the affair continuing

Bob Long

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Previously I posted about my wife's first lesbian encounter where she was taken by a co-worker named Kelly. She confessed the whole story to me and was afraid I'd be upset with her for not discussing it first and having my blessing which was something the two of us both discussed that before either of us perused anything sexually outside of our marriage but in this case, I was completely ok with it.

 I confessed that I may have inadvertently had apart in the whole thing. She looked at me and said what the fuck are you talking about did you set the whole thing up? I said no of course not I told her that one day I was talking to Kelly and jokingly she said to me that my wife was such a great boss and pretty hot looking too and she kind of gave me the fake guy punch in the upper arm better watch I don't sweep her off her feet.

 We both laughed, and I said my wife no way you have a better chance of getting an ice cream cone in hell before she agreed to that, how was I to know that she took this as a challenge or not.

 If I had any remote idea that she had been lusting after my wife I more than likely would have shut her down in a heartbeat. I reminded my wife of that the day and us talking so she calmed her ass right down I think we both breathe a sigh of relief.


Well needless to say she unlocked my wife's inner lesbian as my wife says about the experience. She says she feels a new freedom and excitement but has no plans of giving up my cock. She now looks at other women in a whole different way, I asked her about two of her friends that she’s very close to what about either one of them any desires or urges towards them, one of which has a nice body hasn't had sex in a long time and the other who is blonde and smoking hot and married to a real dickhead. She said no way not them and especially the one she can't keep her yap shut besides I want this to stay between us. She told me it will take time, but I'll talk Kelly in to the threesome you've always wanted but it’s going to take some time we can't rush things.


Two or three weeks went by and nothing more was spoken about, I had an early day and figured I go home and do something for myself while she was still at work and the kids were away. So, as I come down the street I see my wife's car in the driveway and a small pickup truck parked in driveway, being of an inquisitive nature I figure let me see what’s going on here I never asked any trades guys I know to stop by. So I take a quick look around the yard and don't see anyone but I did notice all of our dogs were outside in the pen unusual as this is one of the first things I do when I get home, so I slowly unlock the door but not before disabling the alarm by punching in the code, my wife’s a sly one she was smart to set the alarm to be warned if anyone namely me came home unexpected but not smart enough to realize I know all the codes because I'm the guy who installed it. So, I slowly open the door and creep down the hall I can hear voices laughter and some moans coming from our bedroom. I peak in the open door to see my wife going down on Kelly who is spread eagle with her hands tied to the headboard she’s completely naked and she has large tits I am going to guess 36D plus tits are pointing almost upright. I am surprised at their perkiness, but considering she is half my wife's age not unusual for a woman her age, hell she’s supposed to have perky tits she had nice dark areola and really big nipples very suckable nipples and breasts that have never been sucked dry buy infant children. My wife was wearing a black garter belt and black thigh high stockings and a matching black shelf bra which I recognized because I bought it for her for Christmas and she hadn't yet worn it.


When my wife finally told me in detail about their first encounter she had confessed to me she liked Kelly sucking on her nipples and so the pleasure in having it done to her by a woman was a whole different perspective that she had never experienced before and knowing how good she felt having it done just had to reciprocate by sucking Kelly’s.

 Well needless to say by now my cock was straining to break free of its bonds and I continued to watch my wife lick pussy like she had been doing it for years, every once in a while she would get up and suck on Kelly’s nipples and kiss and lick her breast. She asked Kelly are you ready to cum baby and Kelly replied oh yeah you know it doll, My wife goes back to licking her pussy and before long Kelly is screaming oh yeah! right there right there on my clit lick it baby make me cum! My wife has always directed me how she wanted me to lick her cunt like I would forget right. So, Kelly started moaning louder and her hips started bucking her moaning got loud and turned into screams oh, oh yeah, I'm cumming baby and her body shook like she was having an epileptic fit and it tensed up right as she achieved orgasm. My wife picked her head up and kissed Kelly on the lips thinking it was over and I was ready to explode I figured I'd let me presence be known but I froze when I saw to my surprise my wife was wearing a strap on which was concealed by her wide garter belt, she straightened up and with one hand guiding her rubber dick slowly slipped it into Kelly's pussy which I can only imagine was soaking wet. She began pumping her pussy like I had done to her all these years, I guess she was secretly taking notes for when her time came. Well she had deliberate steady strokes and slowly picked up her pace she was very deliberate in her pounding as she pulled out almost completely but just left the head in Kelly squirmed and said oh you bitch you fucking tease they both laughed and my wife said you love it don't you Kelly replied oh yeah I love the way you fuck me and eat my pussy. Yeah well now you know what I felt like that day in the office my wife started pounding her again harder and faster and Kelly started her moaning and gyrating I was like holy crap this bitch is gonna cum a second time way to go honey!! I wanted to yell fuck that pussy baby but thought better of it the two were so enthralled in their hot sex and sweating profusely so much I could see it running down my wife's back. I was so fucking hard by now and couldn't stand it I needed relief and I needed it now, I started pumping my cock and couldn't help but let out a moan as I shot my hot load of cum from the swollen head of my cock and kept pumping squirting my jizz everywhere.


With a shocked startled look my wife turned and looked straight at me and let out what the fuck are you doing, dam you fuck, you rotten fuck I told you to wait, she screamed at me.

 Nice going asshole needless to say she was slightly pissed I invaded their good time Kelly said calm down babe it’s OK really it’s OK. I said yeah babe it’s OK and I leaned in and kissed her deeply on the mouth and said you are so fucking hot I never knew I was married to a smoking hot lesbians before, my wife’s rubber cock still buried deep in her pussy Kelly laughed nervously and said hey what’s up, to be honest I think my wife was the only one in the room that was pissed. My wife finally pulled out of Kelly and uncuffed her from the bed, standing there with her rubber cock at attention she leaned in kissed her on the lips and gave her a hug and said I'm really, sorry. Kelly replied hey relax its OK I like your hubby he's a really good guy and even though I’m not big fan and haven't seen a cock since I was married to dickhead (her ex) but he has a pretty nice looking one, no wonder you’re always smiling.


 What I hadn't known was that my wife and Kelly had been meeting every day at our house and had been having sex and Kelly had been introducing her  a whole new world and had even taken her to a few gay bars to expose her to the lifestyle and showing her off to her friends, but not in the way my wife had thought she was.


 My wife punched her in the arm and took her by the hand and said come with me and pointed at me and said Stay! like I was one of her dogs. After a few minutes the two of them returned and my wife took charge with one hand on her hip and the other hand pointed at me her big rubber dick flailing and with her finger said OK you like us together and you couldn't wait for an invite so now do you want to play with us or what, I said yes of course I do so she said OK you wanna play, you play by our rules agreed? I replied OK I agree. With that they both each took a hand and lead me to the bed but not on it but to the end where they tied my hand to each of the canopy posts and secured my ankles to the bottom of the legs so I was spread eagle facing the bed now my wife got on the bed on her knees and kissed me on the mouth deeply and said now watch and learn. She turned and pointed at Kelly and with her finger motioned to come to her, the two of them started kissing and playing with each other tits licking their nipples pulling at them pulling her nipples was something my wife never let me do so this got me pretty aroused, the continued kissing and Kelly was fingering my wife's pussy and my wife reciprocated after a few minutes they each took their fingers out of their pussies and just barely touched my lips and proceeded to rub their fingers under my nose so I had the constant musky smell of both their pussy’s.


They laughed and said oh were just getting warmed up and played some more kissing and fondling sucking hard on each other’s nipples and Kelly hopped off the bed for a minute while my wife comes over to me and started kissing me saying in her sultry voice do you think this is really hot don't you it’s what you've wanted me to do for years isn't it? I said oh yeah you don't know how hot is, she leaned in and grabbed my cock and gave it a good hard pull oh yeah let’s see how hot it is and began stroking me I instantly got a full erection and my manhood was as hard as a rock. Then Kelly hopped back on the bed with her strap on and said come on baby lets fuck. My wife got down on all fours facing me and Kelly mounted her from behind and slowly slipped her rubber cock into my wife's pussy and her dildo was a bit fatter and longer than my wife's I could see the expression on my wife's face that it was tight going in, as soon as it was totally in her pussy she smiled and said oh yeah baby you fill my pussy and thrust her hips back towards Kelly’s pelvis which must be the lesbian signal to start fucking . Kelly started pumping her with both hands on her hips and my wife's big 38DD's were swinging wildly and soon flopped out of their barely there cups exposing her rock hard nipples that were a deeper shade of pink that normal almost red.

  Kelly kept pounding her and occasionally would reach around and grab one of her tits and squeeze it and pinch her nipple and my wife would let out a little squeal. This continued for another few minutes until Kelly pulled her rubber cock out of my wife's pussy and slapped it on her ass a few times she looked right at me and said watch me fuck your wife in the ass and she slid a condom on it so what pops into my head in my present state why would anyone put a condom on a dildo, she grabs a big bottle of lube that was on the night stand that hadn't noticed, because we don't have a need for it and she lathered the rubber cock with lube and started to slip the big head of her dick in my wife's ass, anal has always been a taboo thing with my wife and I can count the times on one had that I fucked her in the ass and all of them evolved large amounts of alcohol so this was a major league turn on, Kelly started pushing the cock into her ass and she was almost in tears because it was so big and I could see the pain on her face, Kelly must have sensed it and began to pull out and my wife protested and said no, no please put it in I want you to fuck me in the ass in front of him. Kelly continued getting it in maybe half the length she later told me and gave it a few slow pumps and my wife was moaning louder than I have ever heard her moan I could actually see the tears rolling down her cheeks and her bearing down so she could take the cock in her ass but Kelly decided this was enough and started to gently slid it out of her ass, my wife scream no fuck me you bitch do it! So, Kelly did as ordered, and slid her rubber member deeper into my wife’s ass and then she slowly and deliberately began ass fucking her round plump ass. She began a steady rhythm and my wife was getting into it even though she had to be in pain. A pain pleasure thing I guess. Now my wife had this ravaged determined look on her face like she was going to go through with this maybe to teach me a lesson but she looked and said how does it feel to see your wife getting fucked up the ass while you helplessly watch, you've been dying to fuck me up the ass so now watch me take it. She was grunting every time Kelly thrust into her ass, my wife’s massive tits swinging from side to side and the cheeks of her ass jiggling two in concert with each other, not only was this something very foreign in our bedroom but to see it from this perspective was hotter than words can describe. My wife’s panting and moaning continued as she fingered her clit which resulted in her having an orgasm which Kelly took as a que to slow to an almost stop but not before one good last pounding which resulted in my wife collapsing face down on the bed.


 Kelly then slowly pulled the rubber cock from her ass which she promptly gave several kisses and said how’s my girl to which my softly cooed great baby I’m great.

 My wife turned and almost lay on her side and the two of them embarrassed and Kelly stroked her hair and said I’m proud of you but let’s not rush it there will be plenty of time babe your ass isn't ready, yet all my wife did was nod. Kelly hopped off the bed and said OK Mr. Cock lets untie you. I thought oh great finally she undid my restraints and as soon as I was free she grabbed my hard cock and pulled me to the bed, but before she told me to lay down on the bed she dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock man my wife sucks good dick but Kelly was a close second, my wife was now leaning on my back massaging my shoulders and reaching around pinching my nipples said how does that feel baby, I said good really good she laughed and said as good as me I said no one is as good as you baby. Kelly sucked me almost to the brink of cumming and gave one last good hard suck on the head of my cock and got up and pushed me right in the sternum back on the bed. The directed me to lay back and put my head on the pillows and get comfy and my wife took my hands and of course restrained me again. The both of them took turns fucking each other and licking pussy moaning and I know the both of them had cum at least once and they would take turns kneeling on my chest putting their rubber cocks to my lips and my wife demanded I open my mouth and suck her cock the two of them got a good laugh and Kelly said he's our bitch now. While still wearing their strapons they took turns sitting on my face grinding their wet pussies into my face I did my very best to lap their cunts and try and get as much juice in my mouth. I actually got Kelly off and she ground her pussy in my face and I could hear my wife tell her he really does lick great pussy Kelly agreed. My wife said ok my turn and straddle my face and demanded I make her cum, yeah like that's gonna be a problem. I often joked I was a lesbian trapped in a man's body because I loved licking pussy so much. My wife was grinding her pussy as I licked her and as soon as I hit her clit she went wild and moaned yes! yes! right there lick it baby and make me cum. She shivered, and her hips started grinding and I licked her cunt for all I was worth concentrating on her swollen clit relentlessly licking it as fast as I could until she finally came. She leaned forward as not to suffocate me and slowly slipped off me. She leaned over to Kelly and said fuck my husband will you, and without hesitation Kelly hopped on my rigid cock and fucked me like she was riding one of those mechanical bulls’ steady rhythmic motions rocking back and forth. I had never been fucked like this before as she had so much motion going on, my wife leaned on my chest and played with my nipples and kissed me deeply darting her tongue in my mouth trying to suck my tonsils out. She softly said how does it feel baby does she feel good I moaned oh yeah, she feels really good, she said how does it feel fucking another woman with your wife watching right here. I said fucking awesome she smiled and gave me a big old kiss and kept her tongue in my mouth as Kelly fucked me and I had a mouth full of tongue and was not able to tell Kelly I was about to explode in her pussy. I came so hard and forceful I could see by Kelly's facial expression that she felt my hot load. My cum oozed out of her pussy as she just stayed there I guess savoring the feeling of a real cock after so long. She finally got off my cock and lay on my left side with my wife laying on my right who was stroking my hair and softly running her hand on my face. my wife looked down at my now semi flaccid cock full of my own cum. She looked at Kelly and said well go clean up your mess and get him hard for me its mamma's turn to ride some real cock. as she cleaned the cum off my cock my wife said here and popped a "blue pill" in my mouth and put the water bottle to my lips and said I think your gonna need this. I smiled and said oh yeah. My wife said oh shit let me go let the dogs in and just like that dressed as she was walks out and I can hear her calling the dogs in from the back porch not that anyone could see her but the thought of her dressed like that and her sweaty body and wild blonde hair that looked like a lion's mane standing outside was a big turn on this is the woman who never shows cleavage in public so as simple as this seems it was actually pretty brazen for her.


Kelly instructed me to lay back on the bed as “Mistress” had ordered, I was like Mistress? OK I’m good with that. After securing my arms and legs to the bed spread eagle Kelly began sucking my cock and stroking it I need to get you hard before she returns, I laughed and said or else what, she looked up and me as she left my cock and said you don’t know how pissed your wife can get do you. It was apparent to me that I didn’t know here nearly as well as I had thought I did. She deep sucked me and before not too long the wonders of modern science combined with Kelly’s mouth got me to attention, when Kelly picked her head up off my cock she looked over and standing leaning against the door frame was my wife with her arms crossed and a smile came to her lips and she said nice job doll now lets give him his the fuck of his life, they both lay next to me and my wife had my hard cock in her hand and leaned in and started sucking it Kelly leaned in and started licking the shaft the two of them took turns sucking my cock and kissing each other flicking their tongues together like a couple of lizards and they would deeply kiss and go back to work on my cock teasing me to the point of almost making me cum finally my wife said let me show you how we fuck, she climbed on top of me and straddle my hard dick and lowered herself down taking all of my cock in her well used pussy. She began to slowly work her hips and her knees raising herself up and down the shaft of my cock it was a nice slow rhythmic fuck, she motioned for Kelly to come over and leaned over and they kissed and she said I want your pussy on his face, she looked down at me and said now make sure you take care of my friend I just nodded and with that Kelly straddled my face and lowers her swollen cunt down on my face I began licking her pussy working my way in and out tongue fucking her cunt I could hear the two of them moaning and I assume they were kissing and playing with each other’s tits like hot lesbians do. I made my way to her clit and sucked it and gently pulled on it with my lips. I heard my wife say thats it make her cum for me baby and I’ll let you fill my pussy full of cum as my wife was riding my cock I could feel her hand down around her pussy and I knew from years of fucking her she had to be fingering her clit it didn’t take very long before I dumped my full load in to my wife's wet slippery pussy and I felt her slam down on my cock for all she was worth like a fucking jackhammer. It didn’t take long for all of us to be completely spent. They loosened my bonds and I just lay there exhausted Kelly was playing with one of my wife nipples.

My wife looked at me and asked so was it all you imagined it would be I said even hotter your amazing. See I told you I’d make a good lesbian and we both laughed Kelly was like what the hell are you two laughing about, my wife said oh I’ll fill you in another time. My wife said till after she leaves you asshole, we’re going to have a nice long talk Kelly stopped her and said no, no its alright really. I really like your husband and I don't want to be the cause of any problem between the two of you I'll just go almost at the same time we both said no don't and my wife and I looked into each other’s eyes and we both said we loved each other I pulled Kelly in close to me and said honey I think it’s safe to say we both love her am I right she just smiled and yeah I guess so I thanked the both of them for letting me be a part of their love making. My wife said OK but your still not off the hook Mr. we'll have to think up and appropriate punishment for you won't we and Kelly just laughed and said I guess we will.


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Thanks yeah it definitely was there are other parts to her/our story haven't posted here in a while no interest.

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