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If you're new here, WELCOME WELCOME!! We love to see "fresh meat" so to speak!! LOL

That said, please be sure to check out the WHOLE forum before just posting a question here.

This forum is for Contests (though they haven't run any on here lately) set up by the Admin of the business, or FUN QUESTIONS, to get to know our members. Not serious inquiries how to do something or go about experiencing something, or in NO WAY an area for trying to find a date. This is NOT a dating site or hookup site, so if that's what you're looking for, you are in the wrong forum, sorry. NOR is this a site for you to advertise your "wares", products, personal items, or vitamins. So, if you post anything like those things, you will be reported, the post deleted, and possibly be suspended.

We have MANY different headings, and then sub topics in each area. Please check out the whole Message Board, and find a topic or area you'd like to post a question in. 

For me, I look in the appropriate topics for questions to help out with. Those in the wrong area, due to people not looking before they post, I mention, but will not specifically answer, nor will many of our expert members. 

We LOVE to help out, but please post in the right areas (or what you may think is the right area), so it can be addressed. Some of our members don't even look in some topics due to lack of interest on their part. And that can make you miss out on having your question answered!! 

We love our members, and are all adults here, and want to talk about sex, sex toys, sexual situations, and relationships. Please be respectful, helpful, and follow the rules.

Happy posting!!!!

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