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Feeling single

Wisconsin Cougar

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With my husband working and very busy on a project over seas and can only come home once a month I feel single at times and needy. We talk daily and we share our sexual adventures of the phone as he knows I m very needy in the bedroom. Before the kids left our home it was always dildos and anything else to get off on, now I have several men that satisfy my desires. 

That said there are still times when my regular studs are unavailable and I need to find someone to take care of my urges. So last night I got dressed up and headed out to find a willing soul to bring home. To keep my private life private I venture to another town where no one knows me and I am amazed at how many men was not interested as meaning no one hit on me as I expected. I decided that if I was going to have any fun I was going to be the aggressive one. I studied the bar and focused on a guy who was in his 30s , handsome, built and alone just enjoying his beers. When the seat opened up next to him I got up and sat next to him and struck up a conversation. 

He was an interesting guy, in town to continue his education for work and actually lived in Nevada and worked for a solar company, he had that western toughness about him which made my crotch wet. At my age we can’t fuck around playing games and being shy, I told him flat out what I was there for and after some more small talk he said he would love to accompany me home. He asked if I could drive since his coworker had the rental, I said of course and I will bring ou back sometime tomorrow. Walking out to the truck he smiled and said this yours, I said it’s my husbands but I enjoy the driving it. Arriving at home he saw we lived on a hobby farm and wanted a tour. Once in the barn admiring our horses and he said he had horses back home and loved them. All of a sudden he looked at his watch and said shit I need to call home real quick, can you give me a moment? He admitted to being engaged but not yet married. Being only 8 o’clock we had plenty of time, his call lasted lasted 15 minutes and we resumed the tour, feeling comfortable he reached over and rubbed my ass and I returned the gesture of turning towards him and rubbed his cock through his jeans, I thought fuck our 1st go around is going to be here in the barn. He was hard and nervous but I told him to relax and enjoy the moment, and I started undoing his pants to reveal his cock and swallowed his whole cock as he stood there moaning and said last unless you want a mouthful you might want to stop, I deepthroated it and begged for him to cum, he fulfilled my request and I swallowed every drop. He smiled and said I hope this ain’t all there is, I smiled and said he’ll no. We walked to the house and we continued to talk. We sat down and I was once again rubbing his crotch as he felt my now super wet pussy. And was surprised that I wasn’t wearing panties, I said I hate panties and love being open and free down there. He got up to undress and wow what a body, six pack abs and his nut sack was huge and low hanging, I absolutely loves big low hanging balls. I played with his balls as I sucked him hard again,  and I couldn’t hold back any longer and said fuck me right now. As he worked his dick I was in heaven as he moaned and said can I cum in you, yes of course and he filled me. After 15 minutes of relaxing I asked him if he needed a drink, Bourbon would be nice so I got up still naked and made him a drink and walking back and he was standing in the living room with another hardon and he grabbed his drink took a sip and smiled as he turned me around and bent me over the arm of the couch and stuck me again. 

We fucked and sucked for a while but he was still not able to cum but was maintaining his erection. Wow I said this is awesome and wish my husband could do that, years ago he could but age has a way of robbing us of certain abilities. Pounding me hard and feeling his big nut sack slapping my ass I squirted all over him and that was the trigger to get him to cum, he let out a load groan and was able to cum but it wasn’t much. As he sat in the oversized chair and sipped his Bourbon I was licking his awesome cock clean and he said lady I am spent and I admitted that I was too but we had morning to look forward to. What an awesome night

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Well the next morning was exciting as well, any man who eats a cum soaked pussy from the night before gets an A+. He licked and sucked my clit like a boss and had me rolling around like a horned up cheer leader. Having an orgasm just laying there with his tongue doing all the work was amazing . In between the licking and fucking and back to licking had me begging for more. I almost hated taking him back to town but I needed to concentrate on work. After dropping him off at his truck, he smiled and thanked me for an awesome night. 

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For the record I only normally play with my safe friends but sometimes my mind goes into warp speed and needs laid. That night in the barn when I saw his wonderful cock and those big low hanging balls was more than I could take and wanted nothing more than to feel them slapping my ass as he worked his cock. After our 1st adventure and seeing him sitting in the leather chair balls were hairy and inviting and serving him a drink I could hold back and was on my knees licking every inch of that hairy nut sack and tasting the the juices was too much. 

I am totally amazed at no matter who it is it seems all men have their own unique way of fucking, this guy had me in every position possible and I enjoyed every minute of it. Watching his muscles work as he worked his tool had me orgasmic and feeling his huge nut sack slapping my ass was so intense I can’t describe. 

Sharing my experience with my husband was exciting as he was happy that I was able to find someone to play with. I already know that a female coworker who is with him services him while they are away. It’s all good and fun. 

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