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Wet, but no squirt


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My woman is VERY orgasmic, and gets extremely we (love it)!! Now, this is not a problem, just want to understand something please. As I mentioned she get very very wet and cum alot whether I am eating, using bob, or fucking with my thick black cock. I am adept at massaging her G-spot. When she cums, she seems to clinch as opposed to pushing, therefore she doesn't squirt. Is this common? Any thoughts?

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I can't believe this has gone unanswered. Getting a woman to squirt is all about comfort for her. The sensation of her orgasm feels like she is essentially going to pee. This is why she is clinching. You can try a couple things.

1. Play with her G-spot stop and go. Basically getting her as close to the point of no return then stopping. Do this a few times while telling her you want her to cum in your mouth. Yes, women love hearing that too. Remind her to keep relaxing and remind her that the feeling like she is going to pee is normal and that you want that hot cum in your mouth. 

2. While playing with her G-spot you can apply light pressure on the area above her pussy. You can also do this without her knowing by applying a rub technique. Rub and gently apply pressure while you have a finger or two in her Gspot. 

3. Make sure you have clean bedsheets. Once you get her there you will need fresh sheets. 😉

Be patient and it will happen. I have had many times where my wife squirts all over me and its worth the time as its sexy as hell. 

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