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I am afraid my body is fake, is a sexual manifestation of love entirely false?


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I am schizophrenic and a lady has cum-raped my insides out and I'm losing hope that I will ever find her. I have bonded in a way it might not even be possible to cut with an equal if its not her. I feel cursed by the devil itself, I feel like she's not even alive out there. My body is destroyed. Does anyone have any evidence at all for a sexual triumph in the energy of true love? Or is everyone else doomed with a fake body as well?

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I'm still confused.........so if I get this wrong, I do apologize.......

Are you saying that the woman in your mind, but is not real, or at least, not in the flesh, the thought of this person, has confused how you feel about sex in general?

The person that some people make up in their minds as their perfect mate rarely ever exists. Because you have created a being that is your perfect, there is no way anyone person can be that ONE. You may be able to find someone close to it, but that person would probably not have all on your list of perfection.

My sister use to have a long list of criteria of the men she wanted to have in her life. It was a very unrealistic, overly specific list, that was a mix of people she has met, whether they're friends, or exes, or people she's read about. She took years to learn that there is no magical person that fits that list (I believe there were 30 points of "Must Haves" on her list). 


You can have things you know you will tolerate. For example, you don't like cigarette smokers. Ok, that's do-able. You like a woman that is gainfully employed. Yep. You like a woman with a sense of humor. Great! You prefer women with brown eyes. 

Though connections can be made.....would you let the fact that a woman you are interested in has hazel eyes instead of brown?

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