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Looking for a specific toy

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Hi, first post here... I am basically looking for something that I can picture so clearly in my head and I'm sure it must exist but I haven't found it yet so I'm looking for help. I want something that adds girth (quite a lot) and does not cover the penis head. Sounds easy however my man is already very large on his own so the trouble I'm having is finding something that he can fit his dick into and is comfortable. I would also like it to be good quality. I found something that was perfect and added a lot of girth, however, it also was an extender and I am not able to take any more than his 10"... I did consider buying it and cutting the extender tip off so his head could be pushed out the top. One last and very important piece of information is I would like to buy from a Canadian website or find a website that has reasonable shipping to Canada.  Anyone that can help me find this sleeve/sheath/open-tip extender would be AMAZING!

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