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What is the point of an anal plug exactly?

Now I have done anal before, I have had it to where it didn't hurt but it was still kind of uncomfortable! I kind of like it to be played with some, like it to be licked and lightly fingered! 

Another question I have is, how do you know for sure that there won't be anything coming out on one's finger, toy, or penis? Because that has happened to me before and it was very embarrassing!

I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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I find plugs enjoyable because I like to feel full back there. In my opinion, the best plugs have a small neck near the base so that your sphincter muscles can keep the plug inside.

I like feeling the plug slide inside and I like to leave it inside for a while. It is busy stretching me and getting my asshole ready for bigger and better things! 

I have a couple butt plugs which were even sold and marketed as "wearable". This is something I like doing too. The plug is designed to be interested for longer times. I pop one in and hop down to the grocery store and get my shopping done.

It Is a turn on for me knowing I am doing something naughty, but I am doing it inder the radar of the fellow customers! 

I would very much enjoy chatting and discussing this further with any like minded or curious minded ladies. 



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Even with an enema, sometimes, residue happens on anal toys. There's really no escaping it. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's normal, and really common. I recommend that you have a clean towel or something to put the anal toy on after you remove it, if you will be playing more before being able to clean it. Cover it up with the towel if it bothers you. But, again, it's pretty normal.

The point of an anal plug? Pleasure.

Whether you are training your sphincter to have something larger go up inside of you, feel more full, or enjoy feeling the toy go in and out, anal play can be very pleasurable. It takes time to be able to relax with a plug inside of you *there*. Your body normally doesn't keep stuff up in there. The best way to get your body use to it is to start small, and work your way up. Just relax, breathe, and lubricate. 

Some people have tried it, and just don't like it (raises her paw). However, many, many people enjoy anal play immensely with practice and patience.

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Absolute pleasure.  Some people wear them only fir sexual gratification.   There are those of us who are long-term wearers.  I believe it’s calked “ locked-in?”    Could be wrong on that, been a while since it’s come up in discussion.   I have a large collection of plugs.   I LOVE too, as John Jacob does, wear them while doing my errands.    It’s the stretched tight feeling that I crave.    They’re great to use during sex of course but I’ll wear them all day without getting any sexual gratification from them.  


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