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Safe for butt??

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Since you also PMed me this same question, I will copy my response here as well:

I think that that may be one of the most oddest questions I've received........

If you are female, I would say "No" because of the hormonal balance of the woman's va-jay-jay needs to stay clean and fresh. Veggie oil and dairy (blue cheese dressing really?) can mess with your balance.

Not to mention the pain in the ass, literally and figuratively, it will be to clean that off of your car's seats. That stuff can ruin the leather. Also, being stable in the seats as you drive is very important, especially at high speeds. 

I've had 2 Firebirds, I know what I'm talking about.

I hope that this was a joke, because this is not a safe thing to do to your body or your car! 

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