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Phrases that make you think of spanking

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One of my clients told me the other day that a Female once told him that she had had enough of him and was about to whip his butt. He said he was erect within seconds. And he wasn't kidding. I've seen his male member (in sessions, of course). He gets erect very easily. Anyway, he said that while he wasn't sure if she meant she would spank him, that is what he pictured when she said she was going to whip his butt. I've had other clients tell me similar things. Like how Females will say certain phrases to them that may or may not mean spanking. But, the guys always associate it with being spanked and it turns them on. Some other phrases that my clients have told me about that they have heard from Females are "am I going to have to smack you?" "I will beat you good" "your ass is mine" "I'll get back at you... just you wait and see...you deserve punishing after what you did". It goes without saying that my clients are into being spanked, LOL. But it is interesting how these phrases bring about images of being spanked

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