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Marriage without intercourse

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Due to prostate cancer I can only achieve an erection with the shots.  They dont always work.


I miss coitus so bad.  Would a strap on give me that feeling back?


How do you stay intimate when he cant fuk?  

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I'm sorry to hear about your cancer, and am assuming that you have been cured (I hope??). If so, congratulations on your recovery!!!

I can see where getting a shot isn't always a great solution, and probably a bit frustrating!! I have heard that ED can be a result of getting treated for many types of cancers, and for that, I am so sorry.

Strap ons are great for added pleasure, or enhancing. I've enjoyed being the receiver and the giver of strap on fun many times!! 

Will this give you the same sensation that it would if your cock was fully functional? Probably not. You can't feel with a strap on. HOwever, the excitement of using one can probably come really close!! Especially if you use a realistic feeling one and put your cock inside. There would be some friction there I would think.

This is only MY opinion though. I would highly suggest talking with your oncologist or your doctor, to see what your options are. 

May I also suggest maybe using a penis pump? That may also help, and some doctors actually prescribe them, or at least they use to. Just a suggestion....

Best wishes!!!! ❤️ 

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Intercourse isn't everything. Exploring other body sensual areas is erotic. I wore a strap on for a while to keep her juice flowing

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