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Oh no he is retiring!

Guest Crazy Cat

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Guest Crazy Cat

My husband of 28 years has told me he is retiring January 1st 2020. I have begged for years for him to retire. To spend time with me, begged for sex really. Yes, for those of you that know my story, I am a kinky 52 year old woman married to a 65 year old vanilla sex man. Now this is not a man bashing post. My husband is a smart hard working man. He just has health issues, and well is really kinda shy, and our communication,  well, sucks.

My problem is this. We have lived separate lives so long now. I am kinda scared of what is to take place when we are together 24/7. I play with toys while he is at work. He is too shy to use them on me. Or to watch.  Will I do without when he is home all the time? What have you other older women gone thru with retirement? Or you stay at home dads as your children have left the nest? I truly am dreading this retirement so much so that I may enter back into the workforce just to get me out of the house. One of us needs to be here, as my father in law has come to live with us almost two years now. He is an Alzheimer's patient and needs 24 hour care. Anyway thanks for listening and let me know how retirement has worked for you.....did you end up having more sex, better sex?  Or was it a cold wet blanket on your established play time?

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This is a life changing event for you two I would suggest sitting down and discussing everything together. After 28 years shouldn’t be hard to come to a mutual understanding. Best wishes on this next event in your lives.

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