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Hello everyone,,

I once read somewhere that some women have uterine contractions during sex. So I started wondering if that information could be used to increase a womans pleasure during oral sex.

The next time I was with my xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/  chaturbate.onl/ girlfriend and I was eating her out, I pressed with my fingers into her abdomen right about where I imagined the uterus to be. Once I had gotten in a couple of inches I slowly and gently moved my fingers back and forth a little bit. She loved it!

"Boy, that thing you did with your hand, I've never felt that before!"

Good for a man's ego I tell you.

I have since used that technique with two other women, including my wife and they both really enjoyed it (wife still does), yet they have a hard time really describing the sensation.

I have also pressed down in the same area while fingering her and felt the pressure of my hand through the upper vaginal wall so I'm thinking it might not be the uterus at all but a different type of vaginal stimulation. Whatever it is, she likes it.

The trick is the woman has to be able to relax her abdominal muscles in order to allow the fingers to be pressed in far enough, which can be tough to do sometimes. And the fingers need to be lined up with the midline of her belly.

Has anyone else done this or experienced this or know exactly what I'm doing?

Just curious because I ain't changing a thing.

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