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Hello everyone,,,

I've always wanted to try out using toys. So I came to this site and saw that they have stuff you can purchase where all you pay is shipping and handling. I saw a sleeve and thought it'd be perfect to try. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be out that much money and if I didn't...then I'd need to start budgeting my money and finding hiding spots for my toys. So I get the sleeve and I try it out. It's a lil too tight at first, so I tried to just push it down figuring once I got it on then I'd be all set. So I pushed and tried jerking with it only about half on and thought that it wasn't working. All of a sudden I feel it...Idk, rip? And then it felt as though it was going on much easier. (Btw I was using lube, I'm talking about the sleeve ripping not my penis, and it didn't hurt even though once I realized what I felt ripping was the sleeve and not me was when the panic stopped lol.) Is that normal for a sleeve to do that though? I'm just wondering if I go to buy more of them or maybe one that vibrates a bit if I need to break them all in. I don't consider myself to be huge by any means either, maybe a bit above average which is fine by mexnxx.onl/ chaturbate.onl/chaturbate.onl/.

Also, I'm uncut, and I hate pulling back the skin. The sleeve and condoms kinda pull it back on me though and it's so uncomfortable that I almost always lose the erection. The Sleeve isn't as bad as a condom though, bc I just grease up the inside of the sleeve and it's fine. Do any of the other guys out there have problems with the foreskin and if so do you have tricks around this? I do pull the skin back in the shower and wash THOROUGHLY as that would be gross otherwise. Sometimes if the girl I'm with goes down on me it's a lil easier with the condom. I've tried without condoms before with girls who were tested, on BC, and I did the pull out method. I know, not the safest practice but the one that didn't hurt. I want to wear the condom though (well what guy actually does, but I see the benefits of it). Also, sometimes I wonder if bc the skin under the foreskin never touches anything does that have the possibility of making me be more sensitive? Or maybe over sensitive and go numb? Just some ideas I've had to explain stuff but don't really know for sure. Any feedback would be helpful! :D

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